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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

bout me n cj

eh? y no 1 post anything lately? nvm la, me juz wanna update a little bout me n cj la.. so currently both of us r working at the same place, a tuition+daycare centre opposite my house, me teaching primary, std 4-6, while cj is teaching kindergarten.. dunno if i shud say im lucky o wat coz teaching the little kids is very very very annoying~~ especially when v hav2 yell n shout almost every few seconds, u all noe la, v seldom do tat ma, quite tough actually, haih.. so here's a summarized version of our story, hope u all will enjoy it..

Day 1
well, it's my 1st day. after getting sum guidance frm the person in charge, i started my work. firstly, it was the daycare part. hav2 get workbooks frm the centre 4 them to do, then hav2 mark it, if they cant do hav2 teach them.. seems easy, but when all of them come 2 u at the same time--- me got sooo busy coz cant entertain all (they hav diff workbooks), then sum got impatient then make noise, others who were doing their work will b stimulated oso then make noise oso, eventually the class will become like pasar.... though it was not my fault, i got tutorial frm teacher next class.. then come 2 my tuition class, dunno wat i was teaching, haih.. they nearly killed me n me nearly killed them oso, felt like having hols after my 1st day, haih....

Day 2
stil the same, but after getting advices frm my dad--remember their names, it was quite effective, i was able to control them better, in another word, less tutorial frm teacher next class, but stil got sum coz me stil hav no idea bout their system..

Day 3 (cj's day 1)
finally, cj started working today, at least there's sum1 2 share this experience with me.. she seemed busy tat day n v din get 2 talk much. bout my day, stil the same la, getting 2 noe the students n teaching methods n the system of the centre better, things were going quite well, less shouting n tutorial frm teacher next class. oh ya, cj got a new look o..

Day 4 (cj's day 2)
finally me get 2 talk 2 cj, guess her work oso quite tough despite her students r 3-6 yrs old.. got myself sum strepsils today, nearly lost my voice, never tot tat i wud yell so much n always use 'get out of my class' 2 threaten them, haha, so bad la me..

so i guess the rest of our working days wil b the same, more yelling n shouting n 'get out of my class'.... juz hope tat i'll stil hav my voice during our class trip, if cant 38 with u all me sure 2 regret, haha.. so see u all during our trip ya n i'll get myself more strepsils n water as well =) Happy New Year~~

Friday, December 15, 2006

KP learns Mandarin from Agong's Quotes....

你 不 要 逼 我 弄 你 残 废!
ni bu yao bi wo nong ni can fei
Don't force me into paralysing you!

你 不 要 逼 我 开 车 撞 你!
ni bu yao bi wo kai che zhuang ni
Don't force me into driving a car to knock you down!

你 再 吵 我 打 你 飞 机!
ni zai chao wo da ni fei ji
You make noise again I'll beat your airplane! (faham-fahamlah...)

你 不 要 逼 我 另 你 吃 蜡 烛!
ni bu yao bi wo ling ni chi la zhu
Don't force me into making you eat candles (only dead people eat candles according to Chinese traditions...)

你 再 吵 我 剪 掉 你 的 earphone!
ni zai cao wo jian diao ni de earphone!
You make noise again I'll cut off your earphone!

To be continued... I have a lot more words to learn!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Scare!!!!! (For Wong Pak at least XP)

It all started with d 6 members (1 new member) of d "WUT"(Cantonese: to accuse people to gain advantage or juz 4 fun) family went out for supper on dis memorable day... Namely, father lim chern hong, myself, my brother ken, son wong pak, grand son allan and great great grand son bulat (d newborn, but nothing grand about him)
My dear son came out dis late 4 d 1st time (but u guyz tink 11.30pm is late??) I being a skilled n idealistic driver decided to drift on d road. (Allan: this horrible terrigible and vegetable driver came to a road block... but obviously age caught up with him and he couldn't see the word berhenti... and worse still... he din hear the policeman shout stop... i repeat... SHOUTED... poor thing.... he needs a hearing aid... A birthday present maybe???)
So, being d gud citizen, i stopped immediately n allow dem to check my driving license, ic, n blablabla... (Han Yuan: he means we... We... coz he ran the road block... the police thinks we are all criminals running from the biggest gold heist ever performed in sri manja...)
After checking our stuff, he let us go without much probs ^.^ (Allan: yeah right... he refused to admit defeat and kept arguing with the cop... he must be pretty good at it coz the cop had to have reinforcement from another officer... all he wanted was to hear him say that he was wrong... but that adamant old man refused to say it... The cop even commented that he talked too much for his own good. He only did when the whole family pleaded for him to keep quiet... )
So we ate. (Han Yuan: of coz la, abuden??) but we ate for really long time d time we realised, its oledi 1.00am in d ^morning^ (16 days more to stpm, OMIGOSH!!!) n i being d dependable n dexterous driver hold d responsibility to send dem bak of coz. so sumwhere in d middle of d journey we dropped my dad n bro n sumting else (guess wut it is 4 now) "stesen berikutnya, rumah wong pak. Next station, wong pak's house" n off we go bak to my home ^^ (grandson n greatgreat grandson is staying at my house). But there's a twist......
As soon as we reach home, we heard d song unfaithful ^^ (its bulat's ringtone) Han Yuan picking up d fone : "shui zhai i lost my *beep*" (Han Yuan: actually he sounded panicky,real panicky,really really panicky) Once again d responsible n loving dad came to d rescue (Allan: by that he means driving recklessly and speeding all the way at 100+ kmh.)
We reach his house from mine within 3mins time n picked him (Han Yuan: once again, of coz la, abuden??) n we went bak to d coffee shop in search of wong pak's valuable *beep*. (Allan: dis time he did speed all d way but when we reach near d road block he slowed down a bit since we duwana coz anymore trouble as wong pak's is in rush. at least it's for a good cause....) so we questioned d worker. n even their boss but no one saw d missing *beep*.by dat time the bad hearted allan's starting to suspect either any of d worker found n hid d fone themselves but me being cool n smart thought dat we might juz dropped it when we dropped my dad n bro. (Allan: hey it's not me. It's d ***** la cheapskate!)
So we traced bak d road n reaching d bus-stop we dropped daddy n bro. with my ultimate eyesight from faraway i saw this.....

(For Display Purpose Only)
Real Scene Were Reenacted To Protect Victim's Welfare
Our heart leapt for joy but upon recovering d *beep*......dis is wut it has become......
(Same As Above)

Oh well, at least my son is happy dat he found his fone. (Wong Pak: It's still functionable. It juz need some repair ^^)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Juz an update + .......

k lo, since kp said so, sumore now only me, cj n octopus r the only 3 ppl tat present in skul everyday, i some how felt the responsibility 2 update a little bout our class, but dunno if got ppl read it anot, dun care la..
so, well, juz bout a month we'll b sitting 4 stpm, bout 3 weeks we gonna graduate, exactly a week we gonna celebrate deepavali n hari raya, lol... now busy doing forecast lo, preparing 4 exams, dun really care bout our performance on graduation day, juz had 1 miserable practice, but 2 more practices to go next week... Eh? y am i telling sth u all adi noe? k la, talk bout our class la, d latest news----position in class n forecast results lo, but me not gonna tell it here, lol.. think me gonna get killed soon if keep on doing this, rite?
then, i'll talk bout d attendance la.. everyday 3 of us get 2 c ppl of diff gang, mon was treasurer tat gang lo, attendance quite ok, then wed fly tat gang la, juz bout 10 of us, occupied half of the class, then L6 got exam so v hav2 switch 2 the lab, haih...
some how i dun really understand y ppl dowan 2 go 2 skul around this time. v gonna graduate soon, dun u feel tat u wanna share more time with ur frens besides getting urself prepared 4 exam? coz u may never noe whether u'll b seeing them again after stpm. i think tat's d reason im stil going 2 skul besides nth 2 do at home la, mum wont let me 2 do so la...... well, anyway, its stil ur choice whether u wanna go 2 skul anot, no 1 is forcing u, but i juz hope tat the attendance wont b tat terrible la..
think i shud stop now la, quite a long post liao, so good luck 2 every1 in ur stpm, may u all get the best results la, gambatte~~ =)

Monday, October 09, 2006

So long didn't post anything adi....

O my god...Can't believe no one post anything for such a long time....
I knew tat i'm not a good contributer as well,so quite sorry la,kp..
Anyway,just pass by to add something to our very own blog....
Lately so wu liao until come out with d idea to stay in school every day to finish tat hold stack of other state papers(I think tats a impossible mission 4 me but i'll try my best,Gambate to Octopus..)Today is the first day i go on with tat plan,however the 'rain god' seems to make my life difficult...It starts raining about two something and it doesn't seem to stop the rain for me when i need to go home...Quite 'teruk' for me lah especially when the haze strike at the same time... I had a hard time to deal with it and luckily i made to reach home about five o'clock and the first thing i did was watch tv show(double happiness 2,quite like tat show actually) when i arrive at home....Then i'm here to create tis post...Am i too selfish to write something about me in the class blog?Hmm...Dun care la,at least u all can know me better right now,haha...Got headache right now,need to go...I think i'll be sick like Allan soon lah...Hope tat'll not be happen lah

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Malas wanna talk much liao. Been so long since the last entry. 6th September till now. Haih. Nobody update also. In the end, it's still me again. Haha. Anyway, our Trials is now officially over. Yay! *Agong declares one-week holiday* Yay! Holiday for one week beginning tomorrow, 2nd October!!! Too bad I'll be going back to school on Tuesday and Wednesday. Cuz Allan Sia, dunno who and I will be doing some of the Trial papers from other schools on Tuesday. Anyone care to joing us? But I don't think there'll be any as visitors to this blog are slowly decreasing in number..... So, it'd be too late once you read this entry. Haha. Wednesday, the Sampat Gang + Dunno Who Else will have some secret activity. *hint hint*

STPM coming lu..... GAMBATEH!!! JIA YOU OH!!! Haih... Somebody else other than me please update la....

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Beh's Birthday!

The Pictures!

Ah Beh and his Girl, Su Fung! A Couple Proudly Made in Malaysia!

Ci Min and The Birthday Boy! PEACE!

Kin Hou & The Birthday Boy! What's inside the yellow packaging ah? Hmm...

The Sifu and the Student! Thank You Zhi Heng for taking this pic...

Tada! The Final Product!


Front Row (L-R): Khoo Wai Xin, Pang Jen Yaw, Ong Jia Ken and Wong Yih Shen
Back Row (L-R): Jessmine Anntinea, Lin Su Fung, Lim Chern Hong, Wong Kin Hou, Tan Han Yuan, Beh Eng Hui the Birthday Boy, me, Seng Ci Min and Foo Jing Wen


Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Fire Rock Clan: August 10th New Members

Recently Added:

The Parasocial Lady of the FireFlies

Name: Fong "F.L.Y" Lai Yen a.k.a. Lois Lane (A friend of the Inferno Prince who sides the wrong parties sometimes... example: sometimes anti-KP, sometimes pro-KP, sometimes anti-LW, sometimes pro-LW...)
Description: An obsessed lady who wants nobody else but Brendan Routh a.k.a. SUPERMAN. Claimes that she has HIS child.
Specialty: Flight of the Scotland Yard FireFlies (calls upon a swarm of fire-breathing, mean-looking and high-flying giant fireflies....)
Other Attacks: Dance of Lady Fan (FAN LEI FA!!!!)
Main Targets: Ini pun banyak oh...

The Supreme

Name: Wong" AGUNG/AGONG" Yih Shen
Description: A perfectionist who wants nothing else but perfection. Always wishes to topple other kingdoms.
Specialty: WO MEI YOU DE ZHUI NI!!!! (The Ultimate Non-Fire-Elemental Attack!)
Other Attacks: Lots oh! Just listen to him for a day and you'll know.
Main Targets: Wants people to go against KP, but fails most of the time... and Chin Yi Ming

The Clown (needs more development)

Name: Chen "Buat Lawak" Kok Pun
Description: A clown who offends too many people. TOO MANY!!!!
Specialty: Offending people.
Other Attacks: Spread the LAWAK virus
Main Targets: All of his "friends"....

Breaking The Silence

contrary to the claims of zhi heng, i swear i DID NOT request for 3 coupons and im not as greedy as claimed by our friend.Just 4 your information i did not take any coupon as lup wai took the one and only coupon.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Fire Rock Clan


New Members Added On: August 10th...

First and foremost, I would like to declare and insist that this entry is for LAWAK purposes only. Remember ah, LAWAK only. Nothing serious, and nothing real. Maybe some parts may be true lah, but you should know lah. Now, introducing the Fire Rock Clan of U6S 2006! Members would be added to the expanding list when the time comes. Haha! The list below is still under development... Haha... So, it's incomplete.

Main Entry: fire
Pronunciation: 'fi(-&)r
Function: noun
Usage: often attributive
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English fyr; akin to Old High German fiur fire, Greek pyr
1 a (1) : the phenomenon of combustion manifested in light, flame, and heat (2) : one of the four elements of the alchemists b (1) : burning passion : ARDOR (2) : liveliness of imagination : INSPIRATION
2 a : fuel in a state of combustion (as on a hearth) b British : a small gas or electric space heater
3 a : a destructive burning (as of a building) b (1) : death or torture by fire (2) : severe trial or ordeal
5 a : the firing of weapons (as firearms, artillery, or missiles) b : intense verbal attack or criticism c : a rapidly delivered series (as of remarks)

Main Entry: rock
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English rokke, from Old French dialect (Norman & Picard) roke, from Vulgar Latin *rocca
1 : a large mass of stone forming a cliff, promontory, or peak
2 : a concreted mass of stony material; also : broken pieces of such masses
3 : consolidated or unconsolidated solid mineral matter; also : a particular mass of it
4 a : something like a rock in firmness: (1) : FOUNDATION, SUPPORT (2) : REFUGE b : something that threatens or causes disaster -- often used in plural
5 a : a flavored stick candy with color running through b : ROCK CANDY 1
6 slang a : GEM b : DIAMOND
7 a : a small crystallized mass of crack cocaine b : CRACK 9
8 : the ball used in basketball

Main Entry: clan
Pronunciation: 'klan
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Scottish Gaelic clann offspring, clan, from Old Irish cland plant, offspring, from Latin planta plant
1 a : a Celtic group especially in the Scottish Highlands comprising a number of households whose heads claim descent from a common ancestor b : a group of people tracing descent from a common ancestor : FAMILY
2 : a group united by a common interest or common characteristics

History of The Fire Rock Clan

The Fire Rock Clan has its origins in U6S 2006, basically fully established on the first week of August 2006. The name Fire Rock is derived from the Malay simpulan bahasa BATU API.

a) Batu pencetus api (pada pantik api dll)
b) Penghasut

The reason for its existence is still unknown..... HAHA!

The Leader of the Clan

Name: Foo "Inferno Queen" Jing Wen
Description: A queen who wishes for inter-kingdom relationships to be broken with a just a simple but firey sentence. Her purpose? For fun kua... Dunno lah...
Specialty: Nebula Comet Shower Flux (imagine the impact of a continuous rain of firey comets on you...)
Other Attacks: Flames of Vietnam (brings back the painful memories of war and destruction. An illusionary technique that requires high skill, but must be performed quietly with a giggle and the right hand over the mouth...)
Main Targets: Banyak oh.... termasuk saya...

The Chief of the Round Supreme Council

Name: Tan "Bulat" Han Yuan (A disciple of the Inferno Queen. Call him the Inferno Prince? Haha!)
Description: A dictator who wants nothing but the development, expansion and proliferation of fire over the lands of other kingdoms.
Specialty: Infinite Circle of Conflagration (imagine having a stack of blazing Paris Hilton CDs thrown like shurikens (the ninja throwing stars) at you non-stop)
Other Attacks: Hypersonic Frequency Amplifier (spits fires of high energy and frequency (?) at high speeds (even faster than Brendan Routh's Superman) at victims non-stop)
Main Targets: Bonds between the kingdoms of KP - Jason. Others oso....

The Parasocial Lady of the FireFlies

Name: Fong "F.L.Y" Lai Yen a.k.a. Lois Lane (A friend of the Inferno Prince who sides the wrong parties sometimes... example: sometimes anti-KP, sometimes pro-KP, sometimes anti-LW, sometimes pro-LW...)
Description: An obsessed lady who wants nobody else but Brendan Routh a.k.a. SUPERMAN. Claimes that she has HIS child.
Specialty: Flight of the Scotland Yard FireFlies (calls upon a swarm of fire-breathing, mean-looking and high-flying giant fireflies....)
Other Attacks: Dance of Lady Fan (FAN LEI FA!!!!)
Main Targets: Ini pun banyak oh...

The Supreme

Name: Wong" AGUNG/AGONG" Yih Shen
Description: A perfectionist who wants nothing else but perfection. Always wishes to topple other kingdoms.
Specialty: WO MEI YOU DE ZHUI NI!!!! (The Ultimate Non-Fire-Elemental Attack!)
Other Attacks: Lots oh! Just listen to him for a day and you'll know.
Main Targets: Wants people to go against KP, but fails most of the time... and Chin Yi Ming

The Clown (needs more development)

Name: Chen "Buat Lawak" Kok Pun
Description: A clown who offends too many people. TOO MANY!!!!
Specialty: Offending people.
Other Attacks: Spread the LAWAK virus
Main Targets: All of his "friends"....

Other Members:

Lalala... Still in progress....

Note: Check the dictionary for what some of the words mean. I Googled for synonyms. Haha~!

Second Note: Any registered U6S 2006 Blogger has the right to EDIT this post. Just click to edit this entry. Unleash your creativity, guys!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Ci Min's Birthday Celebration!

Copied from my blog...

All the invited Form Six guests and Ci Min in pink!

Woohoo! Ci Min's birthday celebration (wasn't exactly a party-lah... Parties are when people lose their minds after consuming bottles of organic compounds with the -OH group, i.e. alcohols. Don't like my definition? Sue me. Hehe.) was a blast! Her house was huge and very beautiful! Most important thing is that - like Ah Beh said - we managed to vist her huge bedroom! Haha! Her room really has the traits of the room of a mafia killer. Haha. There were dumb-bells, a wooden sword (hidden somewhere...) and packs of poker cards (read: killer darts) in the room. Anyway, it was really a happy and fun day! Thanks to the Sampat Birthday Gift that Jing Wen, Han Yuan, Ah Beh, Zhi Heng, Lai Yen and I (read: Part of U6S's The Sampat People) prepared the day before in class. Haha! Eventhough it was really embarassing to me, but it's worth it when everybody is happy, especially the birthday girl! Haha! I couldn't sleep that night - seriously- because I was still in a high mood after the 'party'. I went to bed at 1, slept at around 3 and woke up at around 5. Was quite blur on Sunday. Haha. But still, like I said, it's worth it! We're glad that Ci Min said that the birthday gift was one of her most memorable gifts. Yay!

Ci Min's birthday actually falls on August 8th, i.e. tomorrow. Her birthdate is a really special one. 08/08/1988. Cool, right? That's why Dickson calls her Pat Ku (Auntie Eight). Haha!

I think I shall stop here. Still got stuff to do. Hmm. Stupid triangles and electromagnets. Not to mention the impending quiz which I haven't prepared for! And Trials! ARGH!


Ci Min and Part of The Sampat Birthday Gift. Of course the other half of the gift (the video) isn't gonna be anywhere on the Internet... Right? Haha!

Part of U6S's The Sampat People and the Birthday Girl: (from left) Zhi Heng, Jing Wen, Ci Min, Me and Han Yuan! Lai Yen and Ah Beh was with Dickson at that moment and wasn't free to take pictures as Dickson was about to leave for Langkawi (for MAS training) this morning....

Part of The Sampat Birthday Gift: The Somewhere Over the Rainbow Lyrics (part of it) which the Sampat People sang together in class and got it recorded on video.... We selected the song because Ci Min is a fan of Katharine McPhee (SO AM I!!! SO IS HAN YUAN!!! GO KATHARINE!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!)

The Birthday Girl and her Birthday Gifts! Haha! So happy! Zhi Heng is standing at the back with his gift for Ci Min.... I don't know what Chinese characters are those...

Added Just For Fun...

Wah! Patriotik-nya! That's my water bottle, after being harassed by my 'patriotic' friends...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I Post Sumting!!!

srysry kpchen dats hen you not dat kind of blogging person la.cant oways blog blog blog.duno wut to write oso.din even update my own blog 4 duno how long liao??half a year mayb??omg paiseh =p.niwayz since u hav requested,ill post sumting la.muz be grateful lo.

so its ci min's real bday 2day le.d 8/8/88 nice number.even her duno benz or bmw car plate number is 88!!pat ku is really pat woo.anywayz its her bday 2day.nt much we can do 4 her liao so we end up going to new town's pizza hut to belanja her makan.(she kiamsap ooo.told us there wil be no secret recipe dis time b4 she come wif us =p)

so after skul,d few ppl who were going to chem tuition de went 4 d lunch.consist of pat ku herself lo(of coz!!),jing wen,puei teen,lup wai,kp yg sampat,mangkuk yang bulat,kang teng n i la.well as soon as we reach there miraclely we got a parking right away,all thx to pat ku dat brought us luck 2day(as kp said:everyting dats gud happen 2day r related to her =p).without wasting more time we order 3 express lunch set.on it there's a slogan:"No Fuss,Just Fast!!!".guaranteed serve within 15 minutes.(or so it said)we oso order a vege pizza of coz 4 our vege-consuming pat ku n puei teen who's gotta eat vege on d 15th of chinese calendar.(In case u din notice d moon's soso bright n beautiful le).

while waiting 4 d food,we hav d soup n drinks n we chit chat la.but...time is passing away n we din saw any sign dat our pizza is coming anytime soon le.after sumting like 20mins kp hav no patience liao n hold d brochure wif d 15mins ting on it(duno wuts it call la.any1 who noes edit 4 me)up n swing it towards their manager.n so coincidently d manager look over here unshameful can he be =p.(sry la kp)anywayz d manager immeiately go to d kitchen n i saw him keep talking n pointing towards us n of coz,our food is serve within minutes later lo.

so its time to eat.Yum...yum...yummm......d pizza is so nice woo(sry if i made any of u reading hungry >.<")by d way its oledi sumting like 2.15pm dat time n our tuition is starting at 2.30 gotta rush la.finish eating den when we go pay bulat follow me n lup wai to d cashier.n we ask about d 15mins business lo coz its stated on d brochure dat there will be a rm5 voucher if d serve it late =p.well d cashier looks reluctant when we ask her la coz mayb she cant make decision bout dat gua but den d manager saw us paying n he immediately come over n pass a rm5 off coupon to us le.den d bulat yg tamak wants 3 coupon woo since we order 3 sets of express meal but we stopped him liao.cant be too greedy la(sry la bulat >.<" juz kidding wo)

after meal its tuition time lo n d day pass by liddis liao im lazy to write anymore oso la.besides i've updated my spaces liao lo.anyone interested pls go visit it n leave some comments la.til next time den(Oh did i mention dat we paid 4 patku's lunch >.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Haha. Finally someone posts something on this blog. Sigh. Been waiting for so long. Thanks, Lai Yen! Thank you for those kind words.

But then, I still don't understand this paragraph, especially the last sentence. Seriously.

although the angel-mortal game ended last thursday but their "relationships" still going on so well...wat relationship is that????? Dun noe woh...Take ur time n open ur eyes to see CLEARLY!!!!

Anyway, don't be jealous lah. Haha. I think Lai Yen and her mortal (shouldn't call mortal liao, should call something else that's more "SPECIAL"! Haha!) punya relationship much closer than mine and Tuan Siew's one leh. Hehe. Too bad Wei Qian might leave. Haih. Never mind loh, Lai Yen. You still can call him every night and day mah. (Cue for U6S Sampat People: EEEEEYERRRRRRR!!!!!!)

Anyway, good thing that most major school events are over. Finally now (almost) everyone in Upper Six can now concentrate on our Trials. September 11th. What a stupid date to have our Trials. It's like our exam results it's going to be like the fate of the World Trade Centre. (Cue for everyone: CHOI!!!! CHOI!!!) Good luck to everyone! Must score ah! CGPA 4.0! Since U6S produced 6 out of 9 Band Sixers, this is the proof that WE ARE THE BEST!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!! Action leh.......

Anyway, I don't wanna post much liao. I still owe my own blog an entry. Haih. Busy lah this week. Stay back for this. Stay back for that. Haih. Then the class was dark and hot for 4 days. Haih. Good thing everything has now been settled. So, I shall stop posting here. Later got Pek Har's tuition. Die Lah......

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Angel-Mortal Game finally Ends!!!

Long tIME NO ONE POST THINGS LOH...Y ah??? Pity lah KP Chen..need to maintain this blog..then now i simply post a little bit things...Welcome!!!Kp Chen...being in our CHS for 1 year...seems that he like our class n this skul so much...Really thanks a lot for being the "pelawak" in our class...always made us laugh with ur jokes especially those lame one...

Although u always ask us to "Diam lah", n we fight n argue always...but u sacrifies a lot for our class lah..especially the class page n created a blog for us....i hav no idea about wat others think...but i really appreaciate for wat u did for our class through out the year...So, as a token of appreaciation, hav to let u scold me "diam loh" without arguing back...haih..nvrmind lah...

N Kp Chen hav got a very gud mortal lah---Tuan Siew from L6A..Monitor of tat class...he must be very happy nowadays...hehehe...although the angel-mortal game ended last thursday but their "relationships" still going on so well...wat relationship is that????? Dun noe woh...Take ur time n open ur eyes to see CLEARLY!!!! Dun angry ah KP..just joking

Everyone in class seems to hav a gud time writing letter wif our mortal....Everyone hav their own story wif each of their mortal..someone got 8 mortals,7 ,6,5 .....Me onli got 1 lah...loyal one...heheh..Aiya...really so happy to hav a mortal like Wei Qian...he really gud ...As a gurl, i also wanna said tat i m worst than him...cause all the present tat he gave me was did by HIMSELF!!!!Very touch when i knew that he took 2 weeks time to prepare the last present for me...Wanna cry loh...N now he is goin 2 leave this skul maybe...haih...sad loh...

That's wat i wanna said loh...cannot write too long an essay loh...N finally Congratulations to all of them who got Band 6 in their Muet!!!!We got 6 in our class out of 9 in the whole skul...Bangganya...i really proud of u all!!!!

Hope tat every 1 in our class hav a really gud time wif their mortals!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

MUET Results Announcement!

mulai jam 12:01 pagi 17 Julai 2006
Untuk semak:
taip MUET dan hantar ke 39003

Hantar: RM0.15

mulai jam 7:00 pagi, 23 Jun 2006
Untuk semak:
taip INFOSTPM dan hantar ke 39003
Untuk semak alamat:
taip SEMAKSTPM dan hantar ke 39003
Untuk betulkan alamat:
taip ADD dan hantar ke 39003

mulai 16 Ogos 2006
Untuk semak:
taip INFOMUET dan hantar ke 39003
Untuk semak alamat:
taip ADD dan hantar ke 39003

Hantar: RM0.15
Terima: RM0.50
Untuk pertanyaan:
(9.00am - 5.00pm)
(Isnin - Jumaat)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Apalah. Takde orang taip kat sini kah? Awal-awal ada segelintir yang begitu bersemangat. Sekarang cuma saya saja yang update. Li Shan punya entries tak kira. Semuanya tak relevan langsung. Asyik-asyik bola, Sepanyol, Darcy saje. Ish. Fictional parasocial betul.

Let's see. Saya boleh persalahkan siapa ya? Hehe. Elaine boleh di'excuse'kan. Dia takde akses untuk Internet. Allan pula sibuk menguruskan Treasure Hunt (this week is our school's 50th Anniversary mah...). Dickson pulak sibuk buat rehearsal. Han Yuan pulak sakit. Bacterial/Viral infection. Jadi, di'excuse'kan. Jen Yaw, Qi Hua dan Lai Yen sibuk buat Persatuan Sains punya benda. Lup Wai sibuk dengan Kelab Kreatifnya.

Li Shan pula ponteng sekolah kerana menganggapnya sebagai pointless dan juga kerana Sepanyol kalah kepada Perancis 1-3. Jing Wen pulak tak tau buat apa. Mungkin sibuk buat NIE kot. Beh Eng Hui pulak asyik flirt. Takde masa. HAHAHA! Khoo Wai Xin pulak tak pernah taip punya. Pemegang saham namaan sahaja. Sleeping partner. Zhi Heng pulak? Tak tau lah... Chow Gei? Wern Jyet, Ci Min dan Kit Nyin pulak? Entahlah. NIE jugak?

Jadi, tinggallah saya keseorangan menguruskan blog ini. HAIH.... Menghampakan betul.

Anyway, I'll keep this blog going and thank you for visiting this blog. I'll make sure that those CONTRIBUTORS (refer to the list on the right sidebar...) will CONTRIBUTE something. Haha! I need to do some stuff now. Tata!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

One Year in CHS

Copied and edited from my blog, so it may sound very personal... Sorry to anyone who'll feel hurt after reading this entry but I don't think that there'll will be more than one...

13th June 2006 marked my first year in Catholic High School a.k.a. Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan Katholik which has just installed a grand golden and black signboard this week. Plus, it's the school's 50th Anniversary this year. Just to spoil the mood, the only thing I dislike about is the fact that I've been in CHS for a year is that I've had my Panasonic Discman and my Nokia 8250 confiscated by the annoying disciplinary board. I was kinda innocent in the former case as I was relatively new. A n00b if you might say. In the latter, it was a nosy teacher and an extremely silly me that caused that to happen. Sigh. Two events that spoiled my personal anniversary. Anyway, I shall talk more about the better side of being in CHS.

*Reminiscing Time*

13th June 2005. I enrolled in CHS being a complete stranger. Good thing my senior Brenda Tan and my friend Sai Chun was there to accompany me. According to Tan Dickson, he was the first CHS person to speak to me after he introduced himself. I forgot. Sorry. Thanks anyway. First teacher I HAD to encounter in my first day was none other than *drumroll* LIM-YOKE-KENG!!!! (hyphen added to prevent her name from appearing in Google, linking her to this blog). I was told to choose my class and subjects blablabla. First day of school, I was impressed by how high the level of discipline in school is. Plus, it was a Chinese-based national school, so I wasn't accustomed to the sheer number of Chinese students (not to mention leng luis) in the school. And no, I'm not miang.

Anyway, I was quite lonely in the first few days. I was and still am a shy guy (Don't laugh...). I still remember that I sat in between Yih Shen a.k.a. Agong and Yi Ming. After a few days, I managed to speak up and in the next few weeks, Yan Ying was known as Wuliao and Han Yuan Bulat. Haha. My big mouth. It was after the first exam that Agong began to show his stripes. One of his legendary quotes were: If You Were Not Number One, I Wouldn't Have Given A Damn About You! (translated from Mandarin and there were witnesses. Not making it up.) He still is kiasu as ever. And today, he got labelled as sakit mental. My bad. I'm not evil. It's just that he forced me to do it. I know that many of my classmates understand. Right?

So, I've managed to make some friends and by the end of the year, I've communicated with most of my classmates. Then, it was Biology practical time and I joined the class trip to Dusun Eco Resort. Really fun trip. Fond memories. Especially for two Hokkien-speaking people. Then, this year came. I was tasked to design the class page. I spent a few weeks designing just two pages while BEING NAGGED constantly by my parents for spending too much of my studying time on them. But I've NEVER regretted designing the two pages. After all, it's out of love for my class. (Don't throw up please...). Then, there was the creation of the class hierarchy, the Adat Istiadat Istana which was recently commented by Puan Dayang Setiah and the bird museum. Really funny. But then, it seems quite silly now. Haha. But who cares.

And, I wouldn't forget the Sungai Congkak Trip too. It was really fun. Got to mix around with new people as well. Plus, I learned how to play Mahjong there. Nyahaha! I was one of the Gamemaster and it was really a great experience eventhough I was bitten by a leech. Overall, a great trip!

Now, the classroom. I'd have preferred the Block C, 2nd floor classroom rather than the current one. The current one sucks big time. Small and dusty. And we had to shift our 'beautiful' notice board. Sigh. But still, we managed to live well as a family. Good thing the CHS Form Six teachers were efficient eventhough there were some bad and lazy ones. And who can forget (anyone but me loh...) Carol and I hosting the Teacher's Day celebrations this year with my stupidly lame jokes. Haha. Was really fun. Until I remember that Susan was the one that sang during the celebrations. Irritating Susan. Eventhough I know that she's a kind person. Still, she's annoying.

Last but definitely the best, my friends in CHS. Haha. Don't know what to say. The previous year was a cool one eventhough I couldn't really mingle with those from other classes. Unlike Jason who managed to traverse classes and found a girl friend. Not girlfriend. But girl friend. That's what he said anyway. So, I'll try to socialise this time or else I might not have the chance ever again. Hmm.

The Angel-Mortal Game has commenced! I'm currently the guardian angel of a girl from L6_ ! Seemed okay. Need more progress on that. I shall cease blogging here. Till next time, tata!


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Copa Mundial 2006...2 days to go

World Cup coming soon in 2 days! I think it should be OK for me to post some World Cup-related info here, right?

I’m definitely going to support SPAIN (ermm... I think most of you already know that). I guess I’m the only Spain supporter in our class? Well, I know that most of you will either support England, Brazil or Germany and they are among the hot favourites out there. To be fair, England has got a pretty strong squad this time around especially in defence and midfield with stars like Frank Lampard (my fav!), John Terry, Stevie G, Jamie Carragher, Ashley Cole, Gary Neville and others. They might even go further if Rooney is able to recover in time...HOWEVER I don’t think they will be in the final because of one person- Eriksson. I don’t think I need to introduce the Brazilian squad. They have lots of talented attacking players which enables them to play beautiful attacking football and win the matches with style.

So, now I’m going to talk about my favourite Spanish squad. I’m surprised to see the coach decided to bring only three strikers this time around- Fernando Torres, Raúl and one of the Spanish league top scorers this season- David Villa. Captain Raúl has been in poor form this season and thus we have to put the responsibility of scoring goals to Villa and Torres. What if one of them is injured? It’s too risky really. Villa is being selected due to his top form this season and has little experience in international matches while Torres is not so consistent sometimes. But Morientes has had a poor season with Liverpool and probably that’s why he’s been dropped despite being one of the most prolific strikers for the Spanish national team.

Luckily, the midfield part is looking pretty good especially when Xavi has recovered from injuries. Xabi Alonso, Albelda, Luis Garcia and even Andres Iniesta played very well for their clubs this season as well.
I’ve read a few football magazines and I notice that most of them name Fernando Torres as the star player of the current Spanish squad. Well, in my opinion, “El Niño” es bueno pero Casillas es mejor.

I just couldn’t understand why sometimes they tend to forget the importance of having a world-class goalkeeper on the last defensive line. I’ve been a Casillas fan ever since I watched his brilliant performance against the Irish squad in the last world cup. He was only 21 back then and he played an integral role in ensuring Spain qualified for the quarterfinals, saving one penalty inside the 90 minutes match time and another two in the shoot-outs.
Iker might not be perfect but he’s really good on 1-1 situation and pulling off many superb reflex saves this season. He’s been consistent for most of the seasons and he definitely deserves the No.1 jersey. I think Real Madrid has helped him a lot to be such a good keeper because with a dodgy defensive line in front of you, you can only depend on yourself most of the time haha...

Spain is very lucky to have three world-class goalkeeper in the squad. Other than Casillas, Santiago Cañizares has been in top form for Valencia this season and José Manuel Reina has kept so many clean sheets for Liverpool this season as well.
I think the English fans would be so envious of us in this department. I’m not saying that Robinson is not good... it’s just that having Calamity James in the squad is always a risk while Scott Carsson is only a reserve keeper in Liverpool.

Mmm... who will be in the final this time? My prediction is Brazil and Germany (mainly because they’re playing at home). Haha... of course I hope Spain will be in the final but it seems so highly unlikely...
And hopefully South Korean will be the first team to be KICKED out of the competition. Semi-finalist of the last World Cup... so what?Were they really that GOOD or they did something to go that far....? ANTI-KOREA!!!

I’ll end this post with a video of my favourite goalkeeper- Iker Casillas with some of his best saves. Enjoy!

Monday, May 29, 2006


Mmm... long time didn't post anything to this class blog already...

Anyway, guess what? TV3 is going to air Bridget Jones’s Diary again this Friday (2 June) at 10 pm. I can’t believe that they’re going to re-air the movie after just 2 months! Well I must admit that I’ve already downloaded the movie but it’s just different when you get to watch it on a bigger screen (that’s my TV lah haha...). So if you all are free, go check it out (even you might not like Mark as much as I do)! The movie itself is quite funny after all.
Not highly recommended for guys though haha...

OMG... I’m so excited! My favourite Mark Darcy is back plus World Cup coming soon in less than 2 weeks’ time. Lucky me!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


For all mc phee fans out there, I have to say, honestly… she is a great singer. The songs she chose just don’t cut it as final two material… other than the rainbow song… would love to see a great ending… but who on earth wrote that song for her just slaughtered her chances of winning at all…

Reasons why taylor has brighter chances of winning…
His final song is so much better written, song and lyrics wise…
Katherine chose the wrong song to start and end
He has never been in the bottom two before… nevermind bottom three…
he is unique
lots more… conclusion, HE IS the next AMERICAN IDOL….

Famous quote of the day : “ Assuming I was right about the second round is a tie, I think you just won American Idol.” – Simon Cowell -


I know this is supposed to be a class board but....


Taylor Hicks ROCKED the Kodak Theatre today, and if he doesn't win, it'll be the biggest shame in history.

Next to Elliot getting the boot in the Final 3, that is.

OH! And a quote from Mr. Simon Cowell (after Taylor's final performance): "If as I said, the competition was tied, you have just won American Idol."



Thursday, May 18, 2006


Woohoo! Elliott is Out! Katharine is on the path to Victory!

Sunday, May 14, 2006



Just cincai type. Anyway, KATHARINE IS GORGEOUS and she would have been EXTREMELY GORGEOUS if she's less plump. Plus, she sings so damn good! It is obvious now that I'm crazy. So, I'll leave you guys here before I start to type out bad stuff. Tata.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

13 Days Ah!!!

Wah. 13 days and nobody posted! BEH TAHAN AH!!! Apa ni blog, ha?! Kata U6S Blog tapi sikitnya orang yang mem-blog! MANA LU PUNYA JARI-JEMARI, OH U6S-ians-ku!!!!! BEH TAHAN AH!!! Anyway, wish everyone except myself good luck for the upcoming SECOND EXAM!!! Don't score so good lah. Give chance lah, brader! I'm a bit crazy right now as I'm so stressed up because I haven't started studying anything. No, this is the truth and I'm not dealing with realpolitiks right now unlike Mr. Jason Kim. HAHA! So, don't be surprised if my results match those of a Lower Sixer.

Anyway, Allan Sia suggested a replacement for the Bird Museum. Will try to fulfil his request after the holidays!

And, just forget about MUET everyone (except Qi Hua, Zhi Heng and Lup Wai who has forgotten about it so much that they think that MUET is the sound emitted by a horny goat owned by Johnny Depp and Colin Firth. They are gays! Just Kidding!)



Sunday, April 30, 2006

Finally get through......

Huh...Finally able to post something in the class blog....
Let's 38 about something...
Tat day we (Beh,student 'ng',bone,fly n me) were 38 about something(But i forgot wat was it)
Anyway,tat's not the main point...The MOST IMPORTANT thing is our class born another imperial concubine.....Tat is FLY....Or we should call her 'su fei' now....
The name appeared when she said she like Scotland very much and we decided to name her 'su ge lan fei chang ying' (in shorten form 'su fei').....
Tat's all i wan to tell for now and maybe we can 38 about another thing later....
P.S:This is just a joke and i hope FLY didn't see tis,or else i'll be in big big trouble...
Anyway,for FLY,if u saw tis post,hope u didn't mind la......

Monday, April 24, 2006

Qi HUA... enlighten me....

s wat did i do? wat did i say? omigosh... reading ur post... i dunno whether wat i did was good or bad... hmmm, was it good? so let me noe yeah... please.... ahahha... on a brighter note.... i love eggs....

Sunday, April 23, 2006

After read through what Qi Hua post......

P.S. 多喜欢自己一点,会发觉自己很棒喔!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Declaration n Apology

Seems det sum body is hot under th collar bout th news in 2daz ago. Th case bout LQH n AGONG is actually a created dialog by XXX.All these are unreal, is jz simply a 38 news 2 entertain those hu access 2 U6S blog. In fact, is nt LQH hv any lust on AGONG bt is jz AGONG very "perasan". Thus, those who hv misunderstood bt th news n reli belif th news 100% plz lost ur memory k!! Is jz 4 th sake of entertainment, after th occurrence plz discontinue th spreads of rumour, thx yea!!!!! As th reporter of dis roguish news, i would lik 2 sen my apology 2 LQH. Hope det her anger is completely terminated....... we stil nd 骨头 to proceed wit us,ha......ha......

Friday, April 21, 2006

Juz wanna say sth...

sry 2 those who cant read in chinese ya..
关于今天的事,应该有不少人懂,自己也很惊讶心情会有这么大的起伏。 解剖时虽然没把老鼠当出气筒,不过不知为何心情有着一直以来都寻找着的平静,一种很轻松的感觉。也许在班上常抛冷笑话、热热闹闹地,的确能带给我欢乐,但 我并不喜欢这样的自己,反而向往过平淡些的日子,没有太多的惊喜。应该说是老天给我的一种惯例,在高兴、得意了一段日子后,肯定会有些不好的事降临来挫挫 我的傲气。这样其实并没什么不好,因我了解自己好胜心强,需要些事情来中和一下。
今天不好意思啦,把蛮多人给吓着了。对了,要谢谢 yy、cj、fly 还有一直陪我忧郁的人,结果给Allan讲,真不好意思。有你们的支持与陪伴,中六的生活不寂寞。

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Our Vietnam Ambassador

Introducing Foo Jing Wen, our beautiful and graceful I-accept-no-nonsense Vietnam Ambassador! *applause*

Talk to the hand and WELCOME TO VIETNAM!!!

PS: She makes better origami birds than Dickson... She should be the curator of the Bird Museum.... HAHA!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tag Two U6S Edition!

Write down 20 friends that pop into your mind:
(KP: In no particular order whatsoever... totally random... If your name is not in here, this means that I didn't talk to you much today.... haha! But it doesn't mean that you're not my friend!)

1. Wern Jyet
2. Lai Yen
3. Qi Hua
4. Betty
5. Allan Sia
6. Jing Wen
7. Zhi Heng
8. Dickson
9. Lup Wai
10. Elaine Fernandez
11. Yan Ying
12. Li Shan
13. Yi Ming
14. Han Yuan
15. Chun Seng
16. Yih Shen (hahaha....)
17. Jen Yaw
18. Wai Xin
19. Ah Beh
20. Jessmine

Who is 8 going out with?
- Da Zhu a.k.a. Wuliao Tomato! 宝贝!!!

Is 9 a boy or a girl?
- 9's a he.

Would 11 and 2 will make a cute couple?
- Eww. NO!

How about 18 and 4?

When was the last time you chatted with 12?
- Today.

What is 6's favorite band?
- Dunno. She's so chuen, she won't tell me. HAHAHA!

Does 1 have any siblings?
- I guess so.

Would you ever date 3?
- Lulu ah? Dunno woh... HAHAHA!

Would you ever date 17?

Is 16 single?
- Kinda no.... He's the Class Agong! He's married to Huey Fen! HAHAHA! In reality, he's single, available, possible...

What's 15's full name?
- Phua Chun Seng a.k.a. Charlie. He has multiple partners. Very lucky guy. Guys and girls alike love him!

What's 5's middle name?
- Sia Ting.... WEIRD! His name is Allan Sia Ting Chan.... Sia Ting.... Hi, my name is Allan and I'm Sia Ting....

What's 10's fantasy?
- Hunky guys would fall from the sky into her arms?

Would 14 and 19 make a good couple?
- No. Unless they are gay. Again, no more Brokeback Saga here....

What school does 20 go to?
- SMJK Katholik loh....

Tell me a random fact about #11?
- I don't dare... 0+0+ berada di mana-mana...

And #1?
- He loves Octopus!

And #3?
- Whoa. Damn smart B-O-N-E!

And #2?
- She is a WATER TANK! And she's the Royal FLY!

Have you ever had a crush on # 16?
- Oh My God. No LAH!

Where does 7 live?
- Petaling Jaya.

What's 4's favorite color?
- Orange?

Would you makeout with 5?
- Eww. I guess he has suffered enough from my constant harassment in class.

Are no.5 and 6 best friends?
- I guess not.

Does 8 like 19?
- NO! Both are unavailable liao...

Does 10 have any pets?
- Dunno. I guess so...

Is 12 older than you?
- I think so.

Give 13 a hug?
- NAH... He had suffered enough in class everyday... HAHAHA!

Is 15 the sexiest person alive?
- FULAMAK! He sexy? I would be Brad Pitt, man!

Is 14 weird?
- Kinda. He is a great joker. Plus, SUPER SAMPAT!

Have you seen 9 naked?

What's 3's favorite food?
- Bones?

Would 9 kiss 17?
- NOLAH!!!

Who would u choose, 11 or 13?
- Neither! NYAHAHAHA!

What car is 18 driving?
- Kembara.

Does 10 have a bf/gf?
- Not at the moment. She'll find Her One.

Will u ever fight with 5?
- Oh, yes my preciousss.... Yesh..... Both of us wanna see each other explode and see each other's wrath! We're patiently waiting..... HAHAHA!

Would u go for a vacation with 16?
- Yeah, why not?

Who would u like to be sleeping naked with the next day u wake up hungover, 8 or 12?

Have u seen 2 drunk before?
- Nah. Water-drunk, maybe.

What brand of cellphone is 14 using?
- Motorola

If 4 and 17 fell into the water, who would u rescue 1st?
- Whoa. Tough one! NEITHER....

If u are to choose someone that u can dump into the sea, who would u choose?

When will 3 get married?
- Tomorrow?

Who will win the fight, between 11 and 19?
- 19 I guess. HAHA.

I, KP Chen, taggeth thee, blogger:
1. Everyone in the U6S Class Blog!
2. You.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I tink recently our class hv appeared a dumberer hu liks 2 interfere in other ppls relationship or affair. I tink u guys can guess hu is th 'WU LIAO REN' rite ???
Jz a reminder 2 tell th "dumberer" dun b so 3 8 plz!! Mayb he liks 2 talk sth bout others bt he nvr consider whether det person he talk about lik it ont.......anyway , dun let dis person noe wat u r goin on otherwise u are in a harmful stage......

I don't understand what you're saying but somehow, I think that you're referring to me. Thanks, Dickson. I love you. MWAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'M GAY!!!!

Crazy... As if lah.... Anyway, I'm back to BLOGGING!!!! CHEERS!!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Dumb n Dumberer

I tink recently our class hv appeared a dumberer hu liks 2 interfere in other ppls relationship or affair. I tink u guys can guess hu is th 'WU LIAO REN' rite ???
Jz a reminder 2 tell th "dumberer" dun b so 3 8 plz!! Mayb he liks 2 talk sth bout others bt he nvr consider whether det person he talk about lik it ont.......anyway , dun let dis person noe wat u r goin on otherwise u are in a harmful stage......


KP: Ooh... So "lum" and lovely...
ZH: WAS WAS KP!Serangan 0+0+ mandatori

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

6 Form happy n miserable moment

2day th 6 form CHS have taken th 2nd gold medal in Volleyball (Male). Reli thx god man. Th players were consist of me, ronald, zhi heng, beh, kok wai, weng lian n wai hong. Frankly speaking, th opponent is quite water skin, they r nt even up 2 th standard 4 a final game n mayb we r quite GENG oso, haha(jz joking)........Moreover, me n kok wai have keep th SAMADIAN skin in badminton doubles. N frankly speaking agn, th opponent is even mor water skin den th volleyball 1. Jz a slight move n stroke, we have won.
Now we cum 2 th miserable parts. Firstly, we start from volleyball. Th female team lost 2 th irritating SAMADIAN by dunno wat score bt our girls is reli quite water skin. Sum of then cant even serve a rite ball n they dare 2 go into th court 4 a final game. How embarrass man!!!! Bt th most embarrassing is th male basketball team. We lost 2 th stupid SAMADIAN once agn n this match is reli unfair cz they r using SAMAD referee. Th referee jz simply blow without apply 2 th rules n he is obviously side samad. A lot of fauls he jz let go n assumed nth hv happened. I reli feel lik wan 2 use my muscle 2 giv him a stupendous punch man. u tink is a coincidence that we lost both matches 2 SAMAD ?? i dun tink so loh, i mz search 4 a bomoh 2 curse them oso, haha.......i wan th overall champ cup, mz hv hv it......

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A bit result on d 1st day of inter-6

d 1st gold medal of d inter-6 was taken by catholic high gurlz street soccer team!!!D final was fabulous!!(though its only an 8-minute game =p) After 8 minutes,d score remains 0-0 hence its going to be decided wif penalty!!
d 1st shot was taken by amelia from u6a (is her name spelt correct??correct me if i did it wrg) She shoot!she ARGHH missed!!
It's sri aman's turn now!!n there she goes!AHH,great save from Aaron from u6f!!!(dat gurl shoot d ball straight to aaron whos standing near d post n he got it firm =p)
so it goes on wif shu ni(i tink so =p) who took d 2nd ball.Oh!!she misshot it!!she sure got d power but too bad its not accurate enuf!!!
Den it's sri aman's turn again...she shoots n another wonderful save by Aaron again from u6f!!!(lolz coz d 2nd gurl oso shot it to him though he failed to catch it but all d way he did save it =p mayb hes too handsome)
3rd ball of catholic now,pooi ling is on d line 4 d shot.there she goes,she shoots andddddddddddddd she scores!!!!!YESS wut a wonderful shot from pooi ling!!!simple yet powerful!!did ya c dat ball??no??haih let me illustrate a bit 4 u la...
ok dis is how it goes...she tip d ball further front n as d ball omost closing in to d circle drawn on d floor(which is d line she cant cross),she shoots it powerfully to d center.It hits d keeper n bounce on d floor n into d goal!!!
anyway it's not over!!bak to d match.sri aman r going to have their 3rd attempt.both d keeper(Yee Sing)n d shooter r under great pressure!Every spectator is shouting outside giving moral support which i think neither of d 2 can hear =p n there she goes.d captain of d sri aman's team shoots it!!!ITS A SAVEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!Great save byYee Sing n it's over.the champ is catholic!!!
HUH wut a wonderful match from d 2 teams.Let's check up on other events for now n once again gratz to our catholic gurlz street soccer team!!

On the other hand,d guyz cant make it to d semi-final or final... though its understandable since their opponents r too much better.not dat our team's not gud but u noe...(sry if i hurt anyone =p)

As 4 d badminton,its only woman playing 2day,d team dat played r Chewawa n Miss Ng from our class.though they try hard edi but dey cant make it.but lets gif dem a clap since dey work 4 it n 4 their bravery to stand out to play!!*Clap Clap Clap* Thank you thank you.As 4 d other team formed by Yen Ying n Ke Yeun from U6F.well according to themselves,mind me its they who said dis ,"well wut we did were juz standing there coz they keep serving to the wrg court n making mistakes all d way.n in d 2nd set dey juz simply walk away!" Hence as a conclusion ,they WON!!!anyway theres stil lotsa matches waiting 4 dem 2molo so all d best.

So its d basketball team left now.ronald went 4 d draw.its d 2nd match of d day.n we r playing 1 of d best team.d La Salle' since there's time b4 d match,dey gather n discuss strategy to beat la alst dey came up wif sum sort of formation(sry dat i cant illustrate it) formed by ronald,kok wai,weng lian,wai hong n our very own OTOT DIRAJA!!!(though his role not dat important but all d way...)

So it starts.our team r playing slow n steady since our stamina is not dat gudn d weather is HHOOOTTTT!!!!!dey did well through d game,slow n steady as i said b4,shoots oni when dey r confident n d defensive formation works well,d opponents manage to shoot but wut they got is nt so who cares if dey shot!!So its a timeout called by d la salle's.trying to get a solution during timeout,but wut came out was nt again.N it goes on till halftime where we lead by 13-6.

Into d 2nd half den,weng lian was subbed by shi hao from d f-class so dat he can rest more n return to d game later wif full energy to do d final push.(So he can count as kind of trump card i guess =] ).we r leading still.d opponents can be seen getting harshed.n dey keep on making faults,d gap is bigger n around 5 minutes later dey called another timeout.So weng lian is bak in action n too bad our otot was subbed out.anyway he did well.lets gif him a big hands *Clap Clap Clap* n so d game goes on n we r UNSTOPPABLE!!!it goes on till d end n we won d 1st match!!!

But its not time 4 us to be happy yet.d 2nd match on 2molo will be against samad which performed excellently today.So let's pray 4 outr team 2molo 4 their best den!! =]


p.s. dis is d 1st time i do it in d way of commentation so if not gud enuf tell me la.

WUT ACTUALLY HAN YUAN SAW(continuation of allan's post =p)

Good evening Your Honour, I, the representative of the prosecutor, representing all guys who were traumatised emotionally due to an indecency act and also perversion of the accused, would like to sue Mr X for commiting this atrocity on 28 March 2006, at 2 pm in Sekolah Menengah Bukit Bintang....
You see, the accused, together with his friend, Mr Y, were changing in the toilet(I dun remember dat i saw dis guy named Mr Y), when they saw this man, (I dunno whether he is naked, maybe he is, coz after han yuan saw, he ran... prolly is, i didn't see, not pervert) (he's not naked,or mayb partly to be more accurate since he's juz taking out his "tool"in d public)trying to wash his "tool" in public...(wut he did was not washing but "self-satisfaction!!) Mr X started laughing, but had to supress it as to make sure he is not discovered, started to turn red in his face... but that's not all, he started to invite people to see the poor man's nakedness(once again i dunno, but he has to be right, since he washing his "tool"... or so the accused claimed...)(as i said b4) people ran in, then ran out laughing hysterically(as a matter of fact i din run out laughing histerically,at least i dun think so)... and there you see, Your Honour, this act has caused many to lose their mind (laughing hysterically part)
So Your Honour, i wish to push for maximum penalty for Mr X... but not before we allow him to state his case.... as for the punishment... i wish to suggest that he treat us lunch....

P.s. dat guy din did it inside any room in d toilet but juz openly so no one dare to step into d zone which he did dat, too afraid of stepping on wut he left over =p

Court Case for Perversion and Indecency... Class Against Mr X...

Good evening Your Honour, I, the representative of the prosecutor, representing all guys who were traumatised emotionally due to an indecency act and also perversion of the accused, would like to sue Mr X for commiting this atrocity on 28 March 2006, at 2 pm in Sekolah Menengah Bukit Bintang....

You see, the accused, together with his friend, Mr Y, were changing in the toilet, when they saw this man, (I dunno whether he is naked, maybe he is, coz after han yuan saw, he ran... prolly is, i didn't see, not pervert) trying to wash his "tool" in public... Mr X started laughing, but had to supress it as to make sure he is not discovered, started to turn red in his face... but that's not all, he started to invite people to see the poor man's nakedness(once again i dunno, but he has to be right, since he washing his "tool"... or so the accused claimed...) people ran in, then ran out laughing hysterically... and there you see, Your Honour, this act has caused many to lose their mind (laughing hysterically part)

So Your Honour, i wish to push for maximum penalty for Mr X... but not before we allow him to state his case.... as for the punishment... i wish to suggest that he treat us lunch....

on another note.... uncle chin is really blind.... you see, he was asked to be a referee for this badminton game... then this pair of la salle girls, WEARING LA SALLE SHIRT, WITH THEIR SCHOOL BADGE... then uncle went up to them and ask, what school you from... the girl went "HUH???" he repeated the question... " WHAT SCHOOL YOU FROM??? " blind right? -_-"

so yups, my first official post... kok pun, the tag is so long i dun feel like doing it... SORRY BOSS!!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Tag One: Seven Deadly Sins

1. Who did you last get angry with?
- Forgot. Forgive and forget. But most probably my brother.

2. What is your weapon of choice?
- One button, vapourise all. The weapon is up to your imagination.

3. Would you hit a member of the opposite sex?
- If there's a valid reason (i.e. got mosquito, got fly, got leech, etc.), why not?

4. How about the same sex?
- Of course. No matter what the reason. Unless the person is of a better physique than me.

5. Who was the last person who got really angry at you?
- Really angry? None. But then, most probably my mum.

6. What is your pet peeve?
- Dumb show-offs and backstabbers.

7. Do you keep grudges or can you let them go easily?
- It depends. Most probably, I'll let them go...

1. What is the one thing you're supposed to do daily that you don't?
- Study like a madman.

2. What is the latest you've ever woken up?
- 10.30 am. Me no sloth.

3. Name a person you've been meaning to contact.
- A person? I've got lots leh...

4. What is the last lame excuse you made?
- Last lame excuse? Um.... Forgot. I make them all the time. No point in remembering them what... Wasting neurone power only...

5. Have you ever watched an infomercial all the way through?
- Of course.

6. When was the last time you got in a good workout?
- Good? If you mean just simple muscle-flexing, this morning I guess. Tai Chi. If you mean like strenous exercise, maybe one year liao. I feel flabby by the way.

7. How many times did you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock today?
- Sorry lah. My mum wakes me up every morning. I didn't hit my mum. So, zero?

1. What is your overpriced yuppie beverage of choice?
- Lots. But, there's one welcome drink prepared by the Andaman Resort in Langkawi which tasted like HEAVEN.

2. Meat eaters : white meat or dark meat?
- White. Cuz I'm good and pure. Yeah, go on and puke.

3. What is the greatest amount of alcohol you've had in one day?
- Two glasses of red wine.

4. Have you ever used a professional diet company?
- No need lah. Me no Paris Hilton wannabe.

5. Do you have an issue with your weight?
- Nope. I'm 62 kg, 163 cm. Short, but still relatively light?

6. Do you prefer sweets, salty foods, or spicy foods?
- All and none. I prefer unique tastes.

7. Have you ever looked at a small house pet or child and thought "lunch"?
- Yeah. Those dumb animal-shaped cookies count, right?

1. How many people have you seen naked (not counting movies/family) ?
- Not counting movies and family? Only some guys. Naked waist up, though... Swimming pools got berlambak lah....

2. How many people have seen YOU naked (not counting physicians/family) ?
- Dunno. You tell me.

3. Have you ever caught yourself staring at the chest/crotch of a member of the opposite gender during a normal conversation?
- Maybe yes, maybe not.

4. Have you 'done it' ?
- Nope. But Nike asks us to "Just Do It". So, should I?

5. What is your favourite body part on a person of your gender of choice?
- Almost everyone goes either for the skin (face and epidermal texture), fats (breasts, butts, blahs...) or protein (hair). If there's no skin, everyone would look alike. So, I guess it depends. I'm not answering the question...

6. Have you ever been propositioned by a prostitute?
- Nope.

7. Have you ever had to get tested for an STD or pregnancy?

1. How many credit cards do you own?
- Talak. Kosong. Sifar.

2. What's your guilty pleasure store?
- Banyak oh. Actually, all stores are my pleasure stores if I have MONEY.

3. If you had $10 million, what would you do with it?
- Burn it. Yeah, right.... Dunno. Plan later. Give me now, can?

4. Would you rather be rich or famous?
- Neither. I just wanna be happy.

5. Would you accept a boring job if it meant you would make mega bucks?
- Depends.

6. Have you ever stolen anything?
- Duh. Of course I did. We steal everyday. We steal from the poor and give to the rich by implementing subsidies.

7. How many mp3s are on your hard drive?
- Checking... Ummm.... 1527 and counting... Burned some on DVDs cuz my PC can't support more..

1. What's the one thing you have done that you're most proud of?
- Not sure.

2. What's the one thing you have done that your parents are most proud of?
- Dunno. Didn't bother to ask.

3. What things would you like to accomplish in your life?
- A beautiful life and a beautiful wife. Get my name published in some books and maybe get a Nobel Prize.

4. Do you get annoyed by coming in second place?
- Previously, yes. Now, no.

5. Have you ever entered a contest of skill, knowing you were of much higher skill than all the other competitors?
- Nope.

6. Have you ever cheated on something to get a higher score?
- Sometimes. but not during examinations.

7. What did you do today that you're proud of?
- Started the design of my class page.

1. What item (or person) of your friends would you most want to have for your own?
- Lots.

2. Who would you want to go on "Trading Spaces"?
- Apa benda tu?

3. If you could be anyone else in the world, who would you be?
- Definitely not Paris Hilton. I wanna be umm.... Einstein? Too bad he's dead.

4. Have you ever been cheated on?
- Boy-Girl Relationships, NOPE. Other stuff, yes, of course.

5. Have you ever wished you had a physical feature different from your own?
- Yeah. I can't get rid of my pimples and my constant fatigue.

6. What trait do you see in others what you wish you had for yourself?
- Lots.

7. Do you wish you'd come up with this survey?
- Nope. What for?

I, KP Chen, taggeth thee, blogger :
1. Everyone in U6S 2006 of Catholic High School

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Plagarism at its best....

Datuk Application Form

hey people... this is my first post... but currently too lazy to think about posting my thoughts. so i cut and paste from this really funny blog that u shud visit. For more jokes, visit here. hey come on, at least i took the initiative to cut and paste right? enjoy.......

Malaysia may be a great country, but there's a lot of things here I don't get.

One issue I constantly remain ignorant about is the issue of Datukship.

For the uninitiated, "Datuk" is an honorary title bestowed to outstanding citizens here by the Malaysian royal family. It's akin to achieving knighthood in the UK where the receiver carries the title of "Sir".

In literal terms though, the word "Datuk" translated from Malay means "Grandfather". Over here in Sarawak, we have an even higher title called "Datuk Amar", which means "Grandfather Grandmother".

It seems as if the older someone is called, the better it is. So technically speaking, some super-ultra-high-ranking official would be called "Great Grandfather Datuk Ah Pek Uncle Auntie Ah Mah Ah Soh Lau Peh Lim Lau Bu"

While the vast majority of Datuks lead exemplary lives and contributed greatly to the community, in recent years however, "Evil Datuks" have appeared in newspapers on trial for cheating and corruption.

It begs the question: how do they decide who to award those elusive Datuk titles to?

There are countless people around us everyday who dedicated their lives helping people, serving the nation. It could be the caring doctor in the hospital, the selfless teacher in school, that 64-year-old man who rides around in a bicycle fixing up dangerous potholes in JB.

Yet, never in a million years would they dream of being awarded the honorary title of Datuk.

What seems to be clear is that all the Datuks have one thing in common: money. Lots of 'em. They are rich before they're awarded Datukship and they're a lot richer after they've been awarded Datukship.

Think about it. How many Datuks have you seen that are not rich?

Not trying to generalise nor am I trying to insinuate anything. Like I said, a good majority of Datuks genuinely earns and deserves the title. But hey, isn't it somewhat of an open secret what tactics rogue Datuks employ to grab that title?

Who knows? Maybe there's even an application form out there to make it easier for people wanting to become Datuk So-And-So.

Now Everyone Can Datuk!
First Name:Last Name:
Sex: Male
Screwing poor people over on a weekly basis
Street Address:State:
IC Number:
Date of Birth:
Age: * Don't blame me. We like to ask stupid redundant questions in this country
Race: Chinese
Bumiputera (* Got 7% Discount)

Choose your title.
Datuk (* RM 5,000)
Dato Seri (* RM 10,000)
Tan Sri (* RM 30,000)

Would you like a road name with that?

Yes (* Add RM 2,000)

How many companies do you want to become president of without doing anything?
(* Add RM 20,000 per company owned)

Would you like an AP from Rafidah Aziz with that?
Yes (* Add RM 2,000)

Number of boring speeches you can give at ceremonies.
(* Minus RM 500 per ceremony)

Number of boring dinners you can attend.
(* Minus RM 100 per dinner)

Do you require plastic surgery to create a permanent smile on your face?
Yes (* Add RM 5,000)

Number of traffic summons you'd like "mysteriously" disappear. *cough* *nudge*
(* Add RM 5 per summon )

Select a generic advice to give to the public when interviewed

How often do you want the newspapers to print your big fat grin on their front page?

Monthly (* Add RM 1,000)
Fortnightly (* Add RM 2,500)
Weekly (* Add RM 5,000)
Daily (* You crazy ah? )

Choose your preferred payment method.

Cheque (* Make cheque payable to DATUK-4-SALE SDN BHD)
Credit Card
24-month 0% interest installment with Aeon Credit Service!