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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Apalah. Takde orang taip kat sini kah? Awal-awal ada segelintir yang begitu bersemangat. Sekarang cuma saya saja yang update. Li Shan punya entries tak kira. Semuanya tak relevan langsung. Asyik-asyik bola, Sepanyol, Darcy saje. Ish. Fictional parasocial betul.

Let's see. Saya boleh persalahkan siapa ya? Hehe. Elaine boleh di'excuse'kan. Dia takde akses untuk Internet. Allan pula sibuk menguruskan Treasure Hunt (this week is our school's 50th Anniversary mah...). Dickson pulak sibuk buat rehearsal. Han Yuan pulak sakit. Bacterial/Viral infection. Jadi, di'excuse'kan. Jen Yaw, Qi Hua dan Lai Yen sibuk buat Persatuan Sains punya benda. Lup Wai sibuk dengan Kelab Kreatifnya.

Li Shan pula ponteng sekolah kerana menganggapnya sebagai pointless dan juga kerana Sepanyol kalah kepada Perancis 1-3. Jing Wen pulak tak tau buat apa. Mungkin sibuk buat NIE kot. Beh Eng Hui pulak asyik flirt. Takde masa. HAHAHA! Khoo Wai Xin pulak tak pernah taip punya. Pemegang saham namaan sahaja. Sleeping partner. Zhi Heng pulak? Tak tau lah... Chow Gei? Wern Jyet, Ci Min dan Kit Nyin pulak? Entahlah. NIE jugak?

Jadi, tinggallah saya keseorangan menguruskan blog ini. HAIH.... Menghampakan betul.

Anyway, I'll keep this blog going and thank you for visiting this blog. I'll make sure that those CONTRIBUTORS (refer to the list on the right sidebar...) will CONTRIBUTE something. Haha! I need to do some stuff now. Tata!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

One Year in CHS

Copied and edited from my blog, so it may sound very personal... Sorry to anyone who'll feel hurt after reading this entry but I don't think that there'll will be more than one...

13th June 2006 marked my first year in Catholic High School a.k.a. Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan Katholik which has just installed a grand golden and black signboard this week. Plus, it's the school's 50th Anniversary this year. Just to spoil the mood, the only thing I dislike about is the fact that I've been in CHS for a year is that I've had my Panasonic Discman and my Nokia 8250 confiscated by the annoying disciplinary board. I was kinda innocent in the former case as I was relatively new. A n00b if you might say. In the latter, it was a nosy teacher and an extremely silly me that caused that to happen. Sigh. Two events that spoiled my personal anniversary. Anyway, I shall talk more about the better side of being in CHS.

*Reminiscing Time*

13th June 2005. I enrolled in CHS being a complete stranger. Good thing my senior Brenda Tan and my friend Sai Chun was there to accompany me. According to Tan Dickson, he was the first CHS person to speak to me after he introduced himself. I forgot. Sorry. Thanks anyway. First teacher I HAD to encounter in my first day was none other than *drumroll* LIM-YOKE-KENG!!!! (hyphen added to prevent her name from appearing in Google, linking her to this blog). I was told to choose my class and subjects blablabla. First day of school, I was impressed by how high the level of discipline in school is. Plus, it was a Chinese-based national school, so I wasn't accustomed to the sheer number of Chinese students (not to mention leng luis) in the school. And no, I'm not miang.

Anyway, I was quite lonely in the first few days. I was and still am a shy guy (Don't laugh...). I still remember that I sat in between Yih Shen a.k.a. Agong and Yi Ming. After a few days, I managed to speak up and in the next few weeks, Yan Ying was known as Wuliao and Han Yuan Bulat. Haha. My big mouth. It was after the first exam that Agong began to show his stripes. One of his legendary quotes were: If You Were Not Number One, I Wouldn't Have Given A Damn About You! (translated from Mandarin and there were witnesses. Not making it up.) He still is kiasu as ever. And today, he got labelled as sakit mental. My bad. I'm not evil. It's just that he forced me to do it. I know that many of my classmates understand. Right?

So, I've managed to make some friends and by the end of the year, I've communicated with most of my classmates. Then, it was Biology practical time and I joined the class trip to Dusun Eco Resort. Really fun trip. Fond memories. Especially for two Hokkien-speaking people. Then, this year came. I was tasked to design the class page. I spent a few weeks designing just two pages while BEING NAGGED constantly by my parents for spending too much of my studying time on them. But I've NEVER regretted designing the two pages. After all, it's out of love for my class. (Don't throw up please...). Then, there was the creation of the class hierarchy, the Adat Istiadat Istana which was recently commented by Puan Dayang Setiah and the bird museum. Really funny. But then, it seems quite silly now. Haha. But who cares.

And, I wouldn't forget the Sungai Congkak Trip too. It was really fun. Got to mix around with new people as well. Plus, I learned how to play Mahjong there. Nyahaha! I was one of the Gamemaster and it was really a great experience eventhough I was bitten by a leech. Overall, a great trip!

Now, the classroom. I'd have preferred the Block C, 2nd floor classroom rather than the current one. The current one sucks big time. Small and dusty. And we had to shift our 'beautiful' notice board. Sigh. But still, we managed to live well as a family. Good thing the CHS Form Six teachers were efficient eventhough there were some bad and lazy ones. And who can forget (anyone but me loh...) Carol and I hosting the Teacher's Day celebrations this year with my stupidly lame jokes. Haha. Was really fun. Until I remember that Susan was the one that sang during the celebrations. Irritating Susan. Eventhough I know that she's a kind person. Still, she's annoying.

Last but definitely the best, my friends in CHS. Haha. Don't know what to say. The previous year was a cool one eventhough I couldn't really mingle with those from other classes. Unlike Jason who managed to traverse classes and found a girl friend. Not girlfriend. But girl friend. That's what he said anyway. So, I'll try to socialise this time or else I might not have the chance ever again. Hmm.

The Angel-Mortal Game has commenced! I'm currently the guardian angel of a girl from L6_ ! Seemed okay. Need more progress on that. I shall cease blogging here. Till next time, tata!


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Copa Mundial 2006...2 days to go

World Cup coming soon in 2 days! I think it should be OK for me to post some World Cup-related info here, right?

I’m definitely going to support SPAIN (ermm... I think most of you already know that). I guess I’m the only Spain supporter in our class? Well, I know that most of you will either support England, Brazil or Germany and they are among the hot favourites out there. To be fair, England has got a pretty strong squad this time around especially in defence and midfield with stars like Frank Lampard (my fav!), John Terry, Stevie G, Jamie Carragher, Ashley Cole, Gary Neville and others. They might even go further if Rooney is able to recover in time...HOWEVER I don’t think they will be in the final because of one person- Eriksson. I don’t think I need to introduce the Brazilian squad. They have lots of talented attacking players which enables them to play beautiful attacking football and win the matches with style.

So, now I’m going to talk about my favourite Spanish squad. I’m surprised to see the coach decided to bring only three strikers this time around- Fernando Torres, Raúl and one of the Spanish league top scorers this season- David Villa. Captain Raúl has been in poor form this season and thus we have to put the responsibility of scoring goals to Villa and Torres. What if one of them is injured? It’s too risky really. Villa is being selected due to his top form this season and has little experience in international matches while Torres is not so consistent sometimes. But Morientes has had a poor season with Liverpool and probably that’s why he’s been dropped despite being one of the most prolific strikers for the Spanish national team.

Luckily, the midfield part is looking pretty good especially when Xavi has recovered from injuries. Xabi Alonso, Albelda, Luis Garcia and even Andres Iniesta played very well for their clubs this season as well.
I’ve read a few football magazines and I notice that most of them name Fernando Torres as the star player of the current Spanish squad. Well, in my opinion, “El Niño” es bueno pero Casillas es mejor.

I just couldn’t understand why sometimes they tend to forget the importance of having a world-class goalkeeper on the last defensive line. I’ve been a Casillas fan ever since I watched his brilliant performance against the Irish squad in the last world cup. He was only 21 back then and he played an integral role in ensuring Spain qualified for the quarterfinals, saving one penalty inside the 90 minutes match time and another two in the shoot-outs.
Iker might not be perfect but he’s really good on 1-1 situation and pulling off many superb reflex saves this season. He’s been consistent for most of the seasons and he definitely deserves the No.1 jersey. I think Real Madrid has helped him a lot to be such a good keeper because with a dodgy defensive line in front of you, you can only depend on yourself most of the time haha...

Spain is very lucky to have three world-class goalkeeper in the squad. Other than Casillas, Santiago Cañizares has been in top form for Valencia this season and José Manuel Reina has kept so many clean sheets for Liverpool this season as well.
I think the English fans would be so envious of us in this department. I’m not saying that Robinson is not good... it’s just that having Calamity James in the squad is always a risk while Scott Carsson is only a reserve keeper in Liverpool.

Mmm... who will be in the final this time? My prediction is Brazil and Germany (mainly because they’re playing at home). Haha... of course I hope Spain will be in the final but it seems so highly unlikely...
And hopefully South Korean will be the first team to be KICKED out of the competition. Semi-finalist of the last World Cup... so what?Were they really that GOOD or they did something to go that far....? ANTI-KOREA!!!

I’ll end this post with a video of my favourite goalkeeper- Iker Casillas with some of his best saves. Enjoy!