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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Fire Rock Clan


New Members Added On: August 10th...

First and foremost, I would like to declare and insist that this entry is for LAWAK purposes only. Remember ah, LAWAK only. Nothing serious, and nothing real. Maybe some parts may be true lah, but you should know lah. Now, introducing the Fire Rock Clan of U6S 2006! Members would be added to the expanding list when the time comes. Haha! The list below is still under development... Haha... So, it's incomplete.

Main Entry: fire
Pronunciation: 'fi(-&)r
Function: noun
Usage: often attributive
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English fyr; akin to Old High German fiur fire, Greek pyr
1 a (1) : the phenomenon of combustion manifested in light, flame, and heat (2) : one of the four elements of the alchemists b (1) : burning passion : ARDOR (2) : liveliness of imagination : INSPIRATION
2 a : fuel in a state of combustion (as on a hearth) b British : a small gas or electric space heater
3 a : a destructive burning (as of a building) b (1) : death or torture by fire (2) : severe trial or ordeal
5 a : the firing of weapons (as firearms, artillery, or missiles) b : intense verbal attack or criticism c : a rapidly delivered series (as of remarks)

Main Entry: rock
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English rokke, from Old French dialect (Norman & Picard) roke, from Vulgar Latin *rocca
1 : a large mass of stone forming a cliff, promontory, or peak
2 : a concreted mass of stony material; also : broken pieces of such masses
3 : consolidated or unconsolidated solid mineral matter; also : a particular mass of it
4 a : something like a rock in firmness: (1) : FOUNDATION, SUPPORT (2) : REFUGE b : something that threatens or causes disaster -- often used in plural
5 a : a flavored stick candy with color running through b : ROCK CANDY 1
6 slang a : GEM b : DIAMOND
7 a : a small crystallized mass of crack cocaine b : CRACK 9
8 : the ball used in basketball

Main Entry: clan
Pronunciation: 'klan
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Scottish Gaelic clann offspring, clan, from Old Irish cland plant, offspring, from Latin planta plant
1 a : a Celtic group especially in the Scottish Highlands comprising a number of households whose heads claim descent from a common ancestor b : a group of people tracing descent from a common ancestor : FAMILY
2 : a group united by a common interest or common characteristics

History of The Fire Rock Clan

The Fire Rock Clan has its origins in U6S 2006, basically fully established on the first week of August 2006. The name Fire Rock is derived from the Malay simpulan bahasa BATU API.

a) Batu pencetus api (pada pantik api dll)
b) Penghasut

The reason for its existence is still unknown..... HAHA!

The Leader of the Clan

Name: Foo "Inferno Queen" Jing Wen
Description: A queen who wishes for inter-kingdom relationships to be broken with a just a simple but firey sentence. Her purpose? For fun kua... Dunno lah...
Specialty: Nebula Comet Shower Flux (imagine the impact of a continuous rain of firey comets on you...)
Other Attacks: Flames of Vietnam (brings back the painful memories of war and destruction. An illusionary technique that requires high skill, but must be performed quietly with a giggle and the right hand over the mouth...)
Main Targets: Banyak oh.... termasuk saya...

The Chief of the Round Supreme Council

Name: Tan "Bulat" Han Yuan (A disciple of the Inferno Queen. Call him the Inferno Prince? Haha!)
Description: A dictator who wants nothing but the development, expansion and proliferation of fire over the lands of other kingdoms.
Specialty: Infinite Circle of Conflagration (imagine having a stack of blazing Paris Hilton CDs thrown like shurikens (the ninja throwing stars) at you non-stop)
Other Attacks: Hypersonic Frequency Amplifier (spits fires of high energy and frequency (?) at high speeds (even faster than Brendan Routh's Superman) at victims non-stop)
Main Targets: Bonds between the kingdoms of KP - Jason. Others oso....

The Parasocial Lady of the FireFlies

Name: Fong "F.L.Y" Lai Yen a.k.a. Lois Lane (A friend of the Inferno Prince who sides the wrong parties sometimes... example: sometimes anti-KP, sometimes pro-KP, sometimes anti-LW, sometimes pro-LW...)
Description: An obsessed lady who wants nobody else but Brendan Routh a.k.a. SUPERMAN. Claimes that she has HIS child.
Specialty: Flight of the Scotland Yard FireFlies (calls upon a swarm of fire-breathing, mean-looking and high-flying giant fireflies....)
Other Attacks: Dance of Lady Fan (FAN LEI FA!!!!)
Main Targets: Ini pun banyak oh...

The Supreme

Name: Wong" AGUNG/AGONG" Yih Shen
Description: A perfectionist who wants nothing else but perfection. Always wishes to topple other kingdoms.
Specialty: WO MEI YOU DE ZHUI NI!!!! (The Ultimate Non-Fire-Elemental Attack!)
Other Attacks: Lots oh! Just listen to him for a day and you'll know.
Main Targets: Wants people to go against KP, but fails most of the time... and Chin Yi Ming

The Clown (needs more development)

Name: Chen "Buat Lawak" Kok Pun
Description: A clown who offends too many people. TOO MANY!!!!
Specialty: Offending people.
Other Attacks: Spread the LAWAK virus
Main Targets: All of his "friends"....

Other Members:

Lalala... Still in progress....

Note: Check the dictionary for what some of the words mean. I Googled for synonyms. Haha~!

Second Note: Any registered U6S 2006 Blogger has the right to EDIT this post. Just click to edit this entry. Unleash your creativity, guys!

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