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Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Scare!!!!! (For Wong Pak at least XP)

It all started with d 6 members (1 new member) of d "WUT"(Cantonese: to accuse people to gain advantage or juz 4 fun) family went out for supper on dis memorable day... Namely, father lim chern hong, myself, my brother ken, son wong pak, grand son allan and great great grand son bulat (d newborn, but nothing grand about him)
My dear son came out dis late 4 d 1st time (but u guyz tink 11.30pm is late??) I being a skilled n idealistic driver decided to drift on d road. (Allan: this horrible terrigible and vegetable driver came to a road block... but obviously age caught up with him and he couldn't see the word berhenti... and worse still... he din hear the policeman shout stop... i repeat... SHOUTED... poor thing.... he needs a hearing aid... A birthday present maybe???)
So, being d gud citizen, i stopped immediately n allow dem to check my driving license, ic, n blablabla... (Han Yuan: he means we... We... coz he ran the road block... the police thinks we are all criminals running from the biggest gold heist ever performed in sri manja...)
After checking our stuff, he let us go without much probs ^.^ (Allan: yeah right... he refused to admit defeat and kept arguing with the cop... he must be pretty good at it coz the cop had to have reinforcement from another officer... all he wanted was to hear him say that he was wrong... but that adamant old man refused to say it... The cop even commented that he talked too much for his own good. He only did when the whole family pleaded for him to keep quiet... )
So we ate. (Han Yuan: of coz la, abuden??) but we ate for really long time d time we realised, its oledi 1.00am in d ^morning^ (16 days more to stpm, OMIGOSH!!!) n i being d dependable n dexterous driver hold d responsibility to send dem bak of coz. so sumwhere in d middle of d journey we dropped my dad n bro n sumting else (guess wut it is 4 now) "stesen berikutnya, rumah wong pak. Next station, wong pak's house" n off we go bak to my home ^^ (grandson n greatgreat grandson is staying at my house). But there's a twist......
As soon as we reach home, we heard d song unfaithful ^^ (its bulat's ringtone) Han Yuan picking up d fone : "shui zhai i lost my *beep*" (Han Yuan: actually he sounded panicky,real panicky,really really panicky) Once again d responsible n loving dad came to d rescue (Allan: by that he means driving recklessly and speeding all the way at 100+ kmh.)
We reach his house from mine within 3mins time n picked him (Han Yuan: once again, of coz la, abuden??) n we went bak to d coffee shop in search of wong pak's valuable *beep*. (Allan: dis time he did speed all d way but when we reach near d road block he slowed down a bit since we duwana coz anymore trouble as wong pak's is in rush. at least it's for a good cause....) so we questioned d worker. n even their boss but no one saw d missing *beep*.by dat time the bad hearted allan's starting to suspect either any of d worker found n hid d fone themselves but me being cool n smart thought dat we might juz dropped it when we dropped my dad n bro. (Allan: hey it's not me. It's d ***** la cheapskate!)
So we traced bak d road n reaching d bus-stop we dropped daddy n bro. with my ultimate eyesight from faraway i saw this.....

(For Display Purpose Only)
Real Scene Were Reenacted To Protect Victim's Welfare
Our heart leapt for joy but upon recovering d *beep*......dis is wut it has become......
(Same As Above)

Oh well, at least my son is happy dat he found his fone. (Wong Pak: It's still functionable. It juz need some repair ^^)