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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

bout me n cj

eh? y no 1 post anything lately? nvm la, me juz wanna update a little bout me n cj la.. so currently both of us r working at the same place, a tuition+daycare centre opposite my house, me teaching primary, std 4-6, while cj is teaching kindergarten.. dunno if i shud say im lucky o wat coz teaching the little kids is very very very annoying~~ especially when v hav2 yell n shout almost every few seconds, u all noe la, v seldom do tat ma, quite tough actually, haih.. so here's a summarized version of our story, hope u all will enjoy it..

Day 1
well, it's my 1st day. after getting sum guidance frm the person in charge, i started my work. firstly, it was the daycare part. hav2 get workbooks frm the centre 4 them to do, then hav2 mark it, if they cant do hav2 teach them.. seems easy, but when all of them come 2 u at the same time--- me got sooo busy coz cant entertain all (they hav diff workbooks), then sum got impatient then make noise, others who were doing their work will b stimulated oso then make noise oso, eventually the class will become like pasar.... though it was not my fault, i got tutorial frm teacher next class.. then come 2 my tuition class, dunno wat i was teaching, haih.. they nearly killed me n me nearly killed them oso, felt like having hols after my 1st day, haih....

Day 2
stil the same, but after getting advices frm my dad--remember their names, it was quite effective, i was able to control them better, in another word, less tutorial frm teacher next class, but stil got sum coz me stil hav no idea bout their system..

Day 3 (cj's day 1)
finally, cj started working today, at least there's sum1 2 share this experience with me.. she seemed busy tat day n v din get 2 talk much. bout my day, stil the same la, getting 2 noe the students n teaching methods n the system of the centre better, things were going quite well, less shouting n tutorial frm teacher next class. oh ya, cj got a new look o..

Day 4 (cj's day 2)
finally me get 2 talk 2 cj, guess her work oso quite tough despite her students r 3-6 yrs old.. got myself sum strepsils today, nearly lost my voice, never tot tat i wud yell so much n always use 'get out of my class' 2 threaten them, haha, so bad la me..

so i guess the rest of our working days wil b the same, more yelling n shouting n 'get out of my class'.... juz hope tat i'll stil hav my voice during our class trip, if cant 38 with u all me sure 2 regret, haha.. so see u all during our trip ya n i'll get myself more strepsils n water as well =) Happy New Year~~

Friday, December 15, 2006

KP learns Mandarin from Agong's Quotes....

你 不 要 逼 我 弄 你 残 废!
ni bu yao bi wo nong ni can fei
Don't force me into paralysing you!

你 不 要 逼 我 开 车 撞 你!
ni bu yao bi wo kai che zhuang ni
Don't force me into driving a car to knock you down!

你 再 吵 我 打 你 飞 机!
ni zai chao wo da ni fei ji
You make noise again I'll beat your airplane! (faham-fahamlah...)

你 不 要 逼 我 另 你 吃 蜡 烛!
ni bu yao bi wo ling ni chi la zhu
Don't force me into making you eat candles (only dead people eat candles according to Chinese traditions...)

你 再 吵 我 剪 掉 你 的 earphone!
ni zai cao wo jian diao ni de earphone!
You make noise again I'll cut off your earphone!

To be continued... I have a lot more words to learn!