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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Teacher CAN I GO TOILET???

That was not what i said, but is one of the many funny, weird, sometimes annoying, and some downright impossible to comprehend comments i have heard from the kids. Teaching is fun, having all the control in class, especially when i have the almighty cane in hand. That is for primary school. For kindergarten, kids are cuter, but also more on your nerve. Because they are so young, you have to give them a bit of freedom. But they can irritate you with that new found freedom. like a girl who always find broken pencil and asks permission to sharpen it during lesson. after which, she finds another broken one instead of writing. ARRGH...

But of course, they will always be the good ones, who hand in their homeworks, 100 for ejaan. Love them. MUAKSSSSS....

Primary school, to date, i have caned more than 20 students, or joel tay would said, abused 20 children, for never handing in their work, and always failing ejaan. the weird thing is, the moment you said cane, everyone starts getting 100. Haih, the chinese saying goes kurang pukul.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Shell Scholarship

Anyone interested in applying for the Shell scholarship? For Catholic High School students only.

  • Engineering
  • Sciences (particularly Chemistry & Physics)
  • Economics
  • Business Administration
  • Finance & Accounting
  • IT (includes Business/ Management IT)
  • Marketing, Trading, Manufacturing

  • Total monthly family income less than RM 3500 (you'll need to provide proof, i.e. pay slips, J-forms, etc. )
  • STPM Trial results is sufficient
  • Complete and Submit the form by end of February 2007 to the counsellor
  • Umm, I forgot. Really!

Application Form:

  1. Ask from Miss Shireena/Sherina/I-dunno-how-to-spell-her-name, the new counsellor who has replaced Puan Ser. So CHS now has two single counsellors! One is never gonna be unavailable, I think. You know who I'm talking about.... OR
  2. Contact me and I'll scan my form. Print it, complete the form and hand it to Miss Shireena.
Further enquiries:
  • You know what to do.