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Monday, June 18, 2007

IPTA Results

Many thanks to Jing Wen!

Yan Ying - UKM Pharmacy
Li Shan - UM Pharmacy
Beh - UKM Sains Makanan dengan Pengurusan Perniagaan
Huey Fen- UPM TESL
Lai Yen- UPM Biomedical Science
Jen Yaw- UKM Civil Engineering
Zhi Heng - UM Computer Science
Wai Xin- UNIMAS Software Engineering (entering..)
Jia Ken- UTHM Mechanical Engineering
Puei Teen- UMT (Terengganu) Sains Gunaan Fizik Elektronik dan Instrumentasi (in NUS!)
Jing Wen - UKM Pengajian Multimedia
Jessmine - USM Medicine
Kok Pun - UM Medicine
Wern Jyet - UPM Sains Instrumentasi
Qi Hua - UM Biomedical Science
Yi Ming - UMP Civil Engineering (not entering)
Allan Sia - Bioteknologi Sumber
Ci Min - UNIMAS Medicine
Yih Shen - UKM Sains Makanan & Pemakanan
Lup Wai - UM Architecture
Kit Nyin - UPM Multimedia
See Jie - UKM Biomedical Science
Chern Hong - UM Computer Science (same as Zhi Heng!)
Kin Hou - UTeM Mechanical Engineering (Design)
Han Yuan - UNIMAP(?) Computer Engineering
Chun Seng - UPM Sains Instrumentasi (Octopus:Getting news from Yi Ming said tat most probably he is not entering. KP: I heard that he's going to IMU to study Medicine...)
Kang Teng - ???
Elaine - HELP Psychology (starts in August) =)

Poh Ning - UPM Economics
Joel Thean - USM Management
Jia Wei- UM Pendidikan
Siu Yean- UPM Statistics
Sze Hui - USM Chemical Engineering
Shu Mei - UKM Dentistry
Weng Lian - UMT Marine Biology
Kok Wai - UMT Maritime Technology
Jason Kim - UPM Aerospace Engineering
Su Fung - UPM Pengajian Makanan

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Re: 22 days adi...


Eh eh, I haven't been blogging here cuz I was away from home leh... I've stopped working 2 weeks ago. Anyway, Beh, Me, Ci Min, Jing Wen and Li Shan attended the MIRACLE Youth Conference 2007 last week. Really REALLY fun leh. Check my blog for more info. Sayang you guys couldn't join us. Really really wasted la. We enjoyed SO SO much! You guys wait till I finish blogging about it. Then, I'll spam this class blog with more photos and videos. Don't worry. Before the day I enter university, this blog won't be lonely de. Unless I'm away. AHAHAHA!


Anyway, where are the other class bloggers ah?

Also, anyone interested to join Ci Min and Beh to Redang from June 23rd to 25th? Ask them for more info.

MYC 2007 Delegates

22 days adi...

For 22 days adi no one post in this blog...What happen to those people in our class?I thought u all really active in this blog?Normally KP will do this( i mean blaming us for not writing something in the blog) but i guess he is still busy with his job,i think? Anyway,22 is quite a lucky number for me because it was my birthday's date(on October of course)( Just to remind u all and don forget to send in your best wishes for me (and kp) also on tat day,hehe!!)So,please write something in the blog and keep in touch la...(I din get any news from some of the class mate like uncle Chin,the Puchong gangs and lots more people since we last met when we got the STPM results.) Remember,we are together in the same class for some reasons and i believe tat it is something tat gave us lots of very good memories in tat two years..Isn't it?