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Friday, July 13, 2007


Phew! Finally.... I'm done!

I've completed my task in uploading approximately 95% of all my CHS U6S 2006 photos online! That's a total of 1,897 photos uploaded in two weeks! That's like WHOA!

So, if you're bored, lonely, depressed etc. and you miss our dear friends from CHS U6S 2006, you can now at least view the photos to bring back memories and just to laugh.

I've not uploaded the videos. There are like 100+ videos and so I'm kinda lazy to upload them all =) If you want the videos, just get the DVD+CD from me!

Now, to access the 1,897 photos!

KP Chen's Collections on Flickr:
  1. Sungai Congkak Trip 010406 (210 photos)
  2. Memories of CHS U6S 2006 (1,687 photos)