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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Movie Trailers I

I got bored in Singapore so I watched a few trailers online.

Should be nice ones:


Jessmine will like this: Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything

Wall E

Yet another solo Will Smith movie: Hancock

Saturday, December 22, 2007

December 19th 2007 Gathering

From my blog.... Haha.

On Wednesday was my first CHS U6S 2006 gathering ever since my departure to Singapore 5 months ago. The gathering was organised by Qi Hua and Wern Jyet and it was held at Midvalley Megamall.


The 13 of us were supposed to meet at 12pm but being typical Malaysians, some of us were late. I arrived at around 10.45am and Wern Jyet saw me walking in front of the GSC cinema. Being two of the earliest, the both of us decided to walk to the newly opened The Gardens to see how it's like. And so we walked through the Lower Ground passageway and arrived at The Gardens at around 11.00 am. And so, our tour of The Gardens began.

From what I see, The Gardens is a luxurious place for atas people with atas demands and atas financial muscles to flex. The tagline for The Gardens is "it's about you...". Yeah, and your wallet. Pfft. Almost all of the stores there have classy names and a stylish layout. Heck, even the cinema there is called GSC Signature and sorry, only Premiere & Gold Class tickets are sold. Anyway, the point is it's not a place for tengah/bawah people like me. But I must say the atmosphere of the place is very pleasing and the facilities are really cool.



They have a touch-screen directory and a virtually automatic toilet - you still need to relax your sphincter urethrae to micturate. The soap and tap water are delivered via automatic mechanisms. Pretty cool. I didn't get the chance to take photos though. Besides, I'm not a jakun.


A feature of the place that I like as well is the sofas placed on the Ground Floor for tired but rich customers to sit on after a long day choosing non-essential items.

Anyway, at about 12pm and when Wern Jyet and I had completed the tour of The Gardens in one hour (there's almost nothing that we can afford there) we went back to the GSC Cineplex in Megamall.

Ah, this time, some of my friends have arrived.

Qi Hua is the only nonblur person here. LOL. L-R: Qi Hua, Wai Xin (a.k.a. Qi Hua's), Yi Ming and Wern Jyet.

The series of photos below is dedicated to Choo Yan Ying who gave me the most trouble during the photoshoot for the CHS U6S 2006 Class Page. Heck, I had to take around 24 photos before I could select a decent one. She's camera shy =)

Yan Ying: Oh? Qi Hua: *scratch head* Dunno leh...

Yan Ying and Qi Hua doing a mirror image of each other. Ci Min busy playing with her phone. Jing Wen wondering what kind of photos am I taking.

Yan Ying in shock. "OMG? She's pregnant?" Nah. Ci Min's expression is priceless...

Last photo of Choo Yan Ying for now before people start to gossip or accuse me of stalking her. One thing Singaporeans and Malaysians have in common: The LOVE to gossip and speculate. Argh.

And so, Yi Ming, Wern Jyet, Li Shan, Kin Hou and I initially braved the long queue and bought 11 tickets for the 2.35pm "Alvin and the Chipmunks" show.

But wait. Suddenly, after we bought the tickets, Jing Wen exclaimed "Ci Min is coming also." Then, the four of us ticket buyers had a "HAAA? WHAT?!" expression. Since Yan Ying and Beh were talking when we were queuing, I handed the mission to buy the additional ticket to the both of them. They performed quite well, despite in a Malaysian manner of jumping the queue. But for good reasons =)

After the both of them bought the tickets, another shock came. Li Shan said "Kit Nyin is joining us also." We nearly pengsan-ed but before we did, she added "But she's not watching the movie with us". Phew.

As it was about 12.30pm when we had the tickets in my hands, we went for lunch. Wern Jyet's observation was we LOVE to stand in a circle/oval and stare at each other, waiting for a decision to be made regarding issues such as where to have lunch, where to take photos, when to go to the toilet, etc.

One of the many spontaneous circles that we formed. This one is about deciding where to go next I think.

So, we had lunch at Pizza Hut. Beh, Jing Wen, Ci Min, Yan Ying and I ordered a pizza set meal that's catered for 6 people while Qi Hua, Wai Xin, Li Shan, Wern Jyet, Kit Nyin, Yi Ming, See Jie and Kin Hou ordered the same pizza set meal, but with different flavoured pizzas. My persuasion skills proved ineffective when my efforts to coax the other 8 to order the new Mexican Pizza were fruitless. Sigh.

After the enjoyable lunch where we managed to talk about how our university lives are going on and bitching about how sucky + racist the Malaysian public universities are, we left Pizza Hut at around 2.20pm and went up to GSC.

Oh, I must mention also that I have "great" friends who LOVE to use COINS to pay me. Walaowe, you think I need RM0.01 coins in Singapore meh.... Irritating sia....


Anyway, due to Beh and Yi Ming's slow micturition rates, we were late for the 2.35pm show. It's partly our fault as we thought that at 2.35pm, the trailers and ads would be shown, and not the movie yet. But we were wrong. Two urethrae spoiling the beginning of the movie. How fun.

Alvin and The Chipmunks is an entertaining movie meant for kids and those young at heart. A few Malay girls sitting behind me kept on saying "EH COMELNYERRRRRRRR" while another said "SO KEWWWWWWWTTTTTT" a few times throughout the show. Heck, it's CGI la. But I enjoyed the movie! Unlike The Golden Compass.

After the movie, we created yet another circle outside the ticketing booths, deciding what to do next. Well, since it's Christmas and Megamall has pretty decorations, we decided to take the ever-important group photos!

The vibrant decorations in the Centre Court.

Group Photo One!
Back, L-R: Kin Hou,Ci Min, Kit Nyin, Li Shan, See Jie, Qi Hua, Wai Xin, Yi Minh
Front, L-R: Beh, Me, Yan Ying, Jing Wen, Wern Jyet

Group Photo Two!

Then, we switched locations!

I took a candid shot while the girls were preparing. OMG, look at how large Ci Min's mouth is. So happy!

The girls.

Spot the differences in the two photos below:
Guys One

Guys Two
Answer: Lady in White turned to Man in Black! Sorry for being lame =)

And of course, a group photo!
Ignore the "OUT" and the guy behind.

Talking about out, I still can't believe the Asian Idol is from Singapore. Heck, Jaclyn is so much better! Guess it's the "The Other Vote" phenomenon.

After the photo sessions, I suggested we go to the comfy sofas in The Gardens and sit down to chat. Sadly, the sofas were all taken and all we did in the journey to The Gardens was to urinate and try out the toilet facilities. Sorry guys for making you all walk around!

Then, Beh and Ci Min left together. After the remaining people created yet another circle, we went to McDonald's and sat down on some empty seats. We even resorted to taking another customer's tray and put it on our table so that it seemed like as if we had been there for quite some time and we actually consumed purchased foodstuff to reduce the embarassment =) Then, we resumed the chatting till 6pm before we left. Not before some of us donated some money to a girl who showed us a card proclaiming that she is mute and deaf though.

At this point, we separated and bid each other goodbye. I went to Carrefour with Jing Wen and Kin Hou as Jing Wen wanted to purchase chocolates and Kin Hou wanted to purchase cream crackers for his beloved mother.

Then, I bid goodbye to the both of them at the bus stop at 6.30pm.

Inefficient Malaysian public transport system made me wait for 50 minutes before I managed to get on the Metrobus 37B back to Taman Sri Muda. Waiting for the bus is agonising and is a most frustrating affair. Period.

Then I reached home safe and sound before planning out what to buy on Thursday....

THE END of Part One. All photos here.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wa Piang!

Eh Dickson, I'm going back to Singapore on the 27th leh... Sienz... Anyway, everyone goto Dickson's Facebook profile and look at his photos! Very yeng leh... LOL.

Photos here!

Gathering photos will be uploaded here soon....

keep in touch yea......n merry x'mas!!

hi 2 all my old classmates. Reli long time no see wor........d latest was 5 months ago i saw K.P in S'pore den i din meet any other ppl liao. Anyway i seldom go back 2 KL. Recently im bz flying, is lik flying 3-4daz in a week. Nx month gonna do navigation 2 Alor Setar, Penang, Ipoh n Subang. Izit possible 4 us 2 meet end of dis yr cz im goin back on 28th. Anyway 1 interested 2 meet up plz reply in d blog so det we noe hu is goin. Lastly i wan 2 wish all of u merry x'mas n may God bless all of u.......