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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Helping People:Good or bad? (Re:From Octopus Blog)

I just found out that helping people sometimes do cause a lot of trouble fou yourself...I often help people recently:Getting a job tat i shouldn't have(But just to help people,i accept it),being a free tutor for everyone (they hv test on the next day and call me to help them since i took the course last sem.),getting some 'doggie' job (Being class representative for 2 classes,and group leader for a few more subjects) and a lot more...

After getting all those new 'jobs',my universities life being too packed until sometimes i could not have a good rest.For example, actually i do have some post in the campus for a few grand ceremony.But just because of someone requests, i have to accept another post for the other event (Avtually this is not that grand,but is just tat we need to serve those VIP like the Cancelor of our university.).Instead, i can just reject her.However,since she is lack of people to help her,then i have to do a little sacrifice for her.For this stupid event,I have to sleep only at 6 something early in the morning today and it cause me to miss a math quiz tat carries some tiny mark for the subject.(Since i woke up late tis morning and I misses the class.)(Just to clarified,the quiz will be given according to the lecturer so called 'mood' and we won't know when is the test.)

Then being the class monitor is not that easy as you think.For me,it's just a job that bring a lot more of jobs to u.Why am i said so?Because being the class monitor is not tat glamour that u all think about.You need to worried about a lot of job.For example:U have to arrange the extra class time where u need to negotiate with all your course mate and the lecturer,then u also have to book the room for the extra class whereby u need to go to the universitie Academic Department that work with the beurocracy system where u have to go there for a few times just to finish up the 'booking' job.The most important things is sometimes things just could not happen as what u plan and what u can do is keep on negotiate with more and more people... (and it is really tired since u have to walk for some distance to reach the Academic Department.) and sometimes u even have to manage the class when the lecturer is absent.

So, helping people do cause a lot of trouble for me and sometimes your work din't event ben appreciate by people.They will just take it for granted and keep on asking for more.They just call for your help only when they need u and neglect u when they are in their own so called 'groups'.But if u want them to help u, sometimes they will come out with a lot excuses so that they can neglet your requests.(Note:Not all are that but mostly of them are like tat,according to what I have experienced.)

Really looking forward the Chinese New Year holiday now,althought it starts tomorrow but i just can't wait for it to reach earlier...

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