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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy CNY..........

Hello 2 old buddies!!! 1st of all i wud lik 2 wish all of u a tremendously prosperous CNY!! So all of u manage 2 get lots of ANG PAU ?? Anyway, dets nt important. D most important thing is det every1 is happy. Im havin a quite long hols 4 CNY, i tink bout 12daz. I manage 2 see oni Beh on 13th bcz i date him 2 visit Pn Wong. Unfortunately Pn Wong FFK cz she gotto go HIGH TEA wit her fren ah.......wat a luxury life!! Bt i din cancel my date wit Beh, we went 4 tea break in YOU CHAR KUEH KING (油条王). Any1 noe det place ?? Bt my conclusion is det i wont go 2 det place purposely 4 fd cz dei dun reli serve decent fd. Their TONG SUI (糖水) is quite sux. Beh ordered a HONG DAO SA (红豆沙) n i ordered peanut n sesame paste (芝麻花生糊) n both taste quite sux..... Den we went 2 UPM 2 see Siu Yean. Surprisingly she grew fatter n her eye even smaller........she refused 2 go out cz she said d following day she havin an exam. Bt we r very understanding. Therefore we jz hang around in d vicinity.

So any1 of u manage 2 go BAI NIAN (拜年) in any of our classmates hse ?? so when is our nx gathering ?? Plz update ur free time in d blog so det we can organise a gathering ezily.......nt oni free time bt oso ur current pace. Hope 2 see all of u ASAP!!

**for ur infomation, those CAPITAL LETTER WORDS is 4 KP 2 interprete. Aiyo.......quickly learn chinese lah MR BAnana KP Chen!!

See yea....keep in touch! @_@

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