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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Gathering at Midvalley Megamall This Friday!

I've SMS-ed these people (assuming no one changed their phone numbers/forgot to inform me) and these are their replies/excuses:
Green: Going (Current Count: 11)
Blue: Not Going
  1. Allan Sia - "Clas. I noe. Suck thumb."
  2. Beh - "Going."
  3. Ci Min
  4. Chun Seng
  5. Elaine
  6. Han Yuan
  7. Jen Yaw
  8. Jessmine - "Im goin"
  9. Jia Ken
  10. Jing Wen - "Got who going on fri? Watch movie again?" "Hey. I not going tmr coz will only go back home from bangi tmr. U guys hv fun la."
  11. Kin Hou - "HAHAHA. WORKING TMR." "ya la. mon to sat also work. sorry." "yup. sorry ya. enjoy ur gathering la."
  12. Kang Teng - "I'm doing my industrial training now...dunno whether can make it" "Hey man i think there will be a fat chance that i won't be going for that gathering...if my lecturer let me off then i only inform u le"
  13. Lai Yen
  14. Li Shan
  15. Lup Wai
  16. Puei Teen
  17. Qi Hua (duh)
  18. See Jie - "Sorry i cant go coz my semester adi start laz week n i hav claz til 5. I wil go if i can split myself into 2, bt dis ability is yt 2 b discovered. Valid enuf?"
  19. Tan Dickson - he'll only arrive in the evening. Let's have another gathering soon with him :)
  20. Wai Xin (duh)
  21. Wern Jyet - "Of course i'm going...See ya...."
  22. Yan Ying - "Sry, cant go ler. i hav 2 attend an important meeting wit 9 other universities dis fri."
  23. Yi Ming
  24. Yih Shen - "May i know who is it?" i replied "kok pun. eh agong must come." he replied "Of course i come:-D u still remember beta ahh... any welcome ceremony 4 beta......?" i replied "You pay then got. Hahahaha."
  25. Zhi Heng
  26. KP Chen (duh)
Didn't manage to contact:
  1. Chern Hong
  2. Kit Nyin
  3. Huey Fen

Maybe watch Kungfu Panda? Movie times: 12.15pm, 12.45pm, 2.30pm, 3.00pm

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