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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Recently, I just wonder that where and what our former classmate doing now? Since the info we get from the past was not quite accurate (some changed their courses at the last moment before they enter to start their first year and not taking the offer they got), so i think it is the time to update the latest info about u all. Where u all study, which course and what's the latest news about your uni life? Anyone who saw this post (whether u did it accidently o not...LoL) are free to edit the post and update your latest news. So let's get it start:

1.Octopus : Study Science Instrumentation (Something to do with machine) in UPM. Be the ONLY one who took the offer to local uni. (That's according to Ms.Leela when we met her that day!) Now having holidays but going back to UPM on next Monday (23/6/08) for the training to become 'fasee' for uni. Later will be busy for the Sultan thing since his majesty is coming to my campus. Now hoping that u guys will be able to fill up your updates before next Monday since i'll be very busy and don't have much time to read the blog after that.

KP: Miss Leela was referring to 1 among 6 of us there :)

2. KP, Lup Wai, Puei Teen - NUS; Medicine, Mechanical Engineering, ??? (she planned to change course). Life is good there. But I miss Malaysia and you guys. You all la, some don't wanna go for gatherings. Tsk tsk tsk. But those who came... love you guys!

3. Wai Xin, Qi Hua - Nottingham University; Pharmacy; 2+2 program, flying to UK in September 2009. Getting busier and busier each year. Kinda anticipate life over there after hearing the story of my cousin who studied there. But that was 10 years ago..

Really hoping that u guys will have something to write on the blog since we don't have much time to do gathering and it is quite hard for us to do gathering that fits everyone. In fact, u just need to write stories about yourself recently.That's isn't too hard, right? So PLEASEEE...Hope to see news from u guys soon.

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