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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gathering Tomorrow?

Based on the response from 4 of us, let's make it tomorrow (22nd), ok?

Time: 12pm
Venue: depends (MV or Gardens)

So you will have approximately 28 hours to inform your kawan-kawan and gang-gang. I know it's a bit rush, just trying to accommodate everyone. If most of us couldn't make it tomorrow then maybe we should change it to 23rd. Or maybe cny?

Quick. And tell me who is going so that I can decide. I'll inform everyone once the decision is made ya. By the way, I'll inform everyone about this post as well.

Happy Tung-zhi and Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Since there are so many requests, we gonna have another gathering this year.

Eh? I'm the organizer again?

Never mind. I got some suggestions from some of you but I'll need feedback from you all.

Date: 20-27th Dec (pick 1)
Time: Lunch Time?
Venue: The Gardens or Mid Valley?
Activity: Depending on the number of people who can make it, either sing k at Gardens (Redbox) or as usual--movie at Mid Valley and form a circle when we couldn't decide..

Hmm, if there is a better suggestion, just tell me or KP or leave a message here. If you confirm to go anywhere anytime stated above, tell me or KP or leave a message as well.

So, please inform your kawan-kawan, gang-gang...must be a member of U6S 2006 of course and response to this post ya.